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John S. Smith was a Union Soldier from Grundy County, Missouri. He signed up August 21, 1862, at Chillicothe, Livingston County, Missouri for three years. He mustered in 25 September 1862 at Benton Barracks, Missouri. He was a private in the 29th Missouri Infantry Volunteers Company I commanded by Captain John S. Cansalus of Infantry and Colonel John S. Cavender in the war of 1861.

John Smith Pvt. Co. I 29 Reg't Missouri Infantry Appears on COMPANY MUSTER ROLL for Jan.-Feb. 1863 Remarks: Died in Camp Grover, La opposite Vicksburg Feb 21, 1863. SIGNED M. DAVIS

CASUALTY SHEET John Smith Rank: Pvt. Company I Regiment 29 Infantry State Missouri Nature of Casualty Death ( looks like Dr. J. W. Saunders) Date of Death Feb. 21, 1863. Place of Death Camp Grover, La. From what source this information was obtained: Register of deceased soldiers. REMARKS: NO EFFECTS
Geo. B. French

Pension files show that John Smith died at Camp Grover, LA near Young's Point, La 21 February 1863 of Typhoid Fever, Pneumonia, and Chronic Diarrhea while in the U. S. Service signed by Surgeon B. W. Sergeant and confirmed by the Adjutant General Reports. He was on the rolls of Company I of 29th Regiment for the months of January and February of 1863 and is reported died at Camp Grover, LA.

John S. Smith married Elmada Cummins February 11, 1862 in Grundy County, Missouri and they had one son John Segal Smith born October 25, 1862 that he never saw. John S. Smith was my gg grandfather.

Delores Davis Spencer

According to a letter from the Adjutant General's Office of the War Department, dated October 22, 1884; George I Roberts was a Sergeant of Company C of the 23rd Regiment of Missouri Infantry. He was a volunteer and he enrolled on August 26th, 1861, at Middleburg, Missouri. He enrolled to serve for a three year period. He was listed as present for the roll call for the months of September and October of 1861; he is listed as absent in November and December of 1861 as he is listed as being on recruiting service in Grundy County, Missouri; in January and February of 1862 he is shown as present; the roll for March and April of 1862 shows him as absent with the note that he was wounded at Pittsburg Landing, Tennessee on April 6, 1862 as his "Company was in action then and there". The roll for May and June of 1862 lists him as being present, in the remarks column it is indicated that he was "wounded April 6, 62, absent in Grundy Co., Mo., Muster out."

The Roll of Company C dated September 22, 1864 reported him as "discharged for disability" at Fort Lewis, Missouri on July 23, 1862. The Regimental Casualty List shows him "wounded in head seriously, Apl. 6, 62, at Pittsburg Landing. Cert. of Disaby." Corroborates the above date of discharge. Below this entry someone else has written "No evidence of alleged disability. Regimental Hospital records are not on file."

According to a copy of his Certificate of Disability of Discharge from the Army of the United States, Sergeant George I. Roberts, under the Command of Jacob A. Trumbo, of Company C, of the 23rd Regiment of the Missouri Volunteer Infantry, was enlisted by Captain Trumbo, at Middleburg, Missouri on the 26th day of August 1862 (the 2 of 1862 was written in, and this is apparently an error, because he actually enlisted in 1861), to serve 3 years. This document shows his place of birth as Morgan County, Indiana. It also listed him as being 27 years of age, at the time (1861). His Certificate of Disability Discharge also lists as being 6 feet 0 inches tall, and that he had a dark complexion, and that he had gray eyes and black hair. It also listed his profession before enlisting as blacksmith. This Cert. of Disability Discharge also indicated that "During the last two months said soldier has been unfit for duty ____ days." In the remarks area of this section was written "Was wounded in the head at Pittsburg Tenn. April 6th, 1862, rendering him unfit for service of any kind." This was dated July 18, 1862, and was signed by John H. Munn, 1st Lieutenant Commanding Company. Below this signature is a section from the attending Surgeon which states " I certify that I have carefully examined the said Sergeant G.I. Roberts of Captain J.A. Trumbo's Company, and find him incapable of performing the duties of a soldier because of having received a gunshot wound on the left temporal region, the ball entering about one inch from the eye, fracturing the bone and coming out in front of the ear. Said soldier is one half disabled." This was dated July 19, 1862, and signed by Theodore J. Bluchtarde Surgeon. He was discharged on July 23, 1862.

From the General Services Administration National Archives and Records Service I have a copy of a Required Minimum Identification of Veteran form which indicates that George I. Roberts served in the Civil War from August 26, 1861 to 1864 (however, as indicated above, he was actually discharged on July 23, 1862). He served in the Union Army and he was from the State of Missouri. He was listed on this document as having served in Company C of the 23rd Missouri Infantry. His date of birth was listed as Feb. 12, 1831. His place of birth was listed as Indiana. His widow's name was given as Fanny (King) Roberts. His date of death was given as May 4, 1884, and his place of death was given as Grundy County, Missouri. This record is dated February 5, 1973.

George's two brothers John H. & Thomas M. Roberts fought in the Civil War on the side of the Confederacy.
Kelly Greer

Noah COLCLASURE appears on Company Muster-in Roll of Co. F, Col. King's Reg't Missouri State Militia*; Roll dated April 12, 1862 at Chillicothe, Missouri. He joined for duty on March 29, 1862 in Trenton, Missouri for a period of two years (for the war in Missouri).
Tricia Colcleasure Carothers

* This organization subsequently became Co. I, 3 Reg't Missouri State Militia Cavalry (1st Organization)

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