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The sons of James A. Roberts b. Dec. 25,1808, in Tennessee or Kentucky d. June 27, 1847, in Franklin Township,Grundy Co., MO., and his wife Minerva Grace Hite b. May 15, 1811, in Virginia d. 1863, in Grundy Co., MO who served and died in the Confederate Army were as follows:

1. John Henry Roberts b. April 6, 1829 in Tennessee, husband of Nancy Cartmill. I sent away to the National Archives to request service records for John H. Roberts, who enlisted in the Confederate Army. They responded that there were no records available on him. This is not surprising since many records of the men who served during the Civil War on the Confederate side were destroyed or did not survive, however, the tombstone for his son, William A. Roberts, reads in part as follows:

"Son of John Henry Roberts
who was killed in Civil War.
Wife of John H. died Oct. 1920"

It is simply family history that shows he fought on the Confederate side, during the war.

2. Thomas M. Roberts b. October 21, 1839 in Livingston County, Missouri d. October 4, 1862, at the Battle of Corinth, in Mississippi. He died unmarried and he was killed in action. He enlisted in the Confederate Army on March 5, 1862, in Springfield, MO. He was a Private in Company F of the 1st Regiment of the Missouri Cavalry. He served under Major W. A. Brinkman and Capt. Danner. He fought at the Battles of Shugarcree, Bentonville, Elkhorn, Farmington and Corinth. He was wounded at Corinth, Mississippi and he was "left on the battlefield" to die, according to his Confederate Army military records.

Thomas and John Henry Roberts' only other brother who lived to adulthood, my ancestor, George Irvin Roberts, served on the Union side of the War as a Sergeant in the Missouri 23rd from Grundy Co., MO. Despite the fact that he was shot in the head, in the left temple, at the Battle of Shiloh, he lived thru the war and had many children. George Irvin Roberts was the only male in his family who survived the war.
Kelly Greer

Lewis BYRAM enlisted as a private in the Confederate Army Aug 8, 1861 in Grundy County, MO. He was mustered in Nov 14, 1861 in Camp Morgan, MO. He died from wounds at Tuscaloosa, Alabama while a prisoner in the summer of 1862 (Shiloh). He served in Company H under Captain DOLMAN (18th Regt.). The MO State Archives describe Lewis as: rank - Corporal; age - 37; height - 5' 11 1/2"; hair - brown; eyes - gray; complexion - fair; married (to Mary Alice SPEARS HARTMAN); blacksmith; born in KY; place of residence - Grundy County, MO.
Lela Aydelott

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