Grundy County, MO Cemetery

Stepp Cemetery, Grundy County, MO

The cemetery is located in Lincoln Township; S17-T62N-R23W; 1/4 mile east of a road in a pasture. A well-kept fence with gate; a perpetual fund keeps the plot well tended. An inner family plot (STEPP) with iron fence and gate. It is said that Joshua STEPP had 21 children, not an unusual family in those days. One daughter, seriously ill, requested that she be buried near a familiar peach tree on a hill. At her death, her request was granted and the cemetery was originated. The cemetery was recorded in 1963 by Mrs. O. L. Livingston and Mrs. B. F. Hoover.

2017 Update: The cemetery was visited by Roy & Ralph STEPP, great-great grandsons of Joshua & Rebecca (OWEN) STEPP. The cemetery's condition has deterioriated, as shown in the overall photo. These descendants made an attempt to clean up the area of their ancestors' marker.

2018 Update: This cemetery record has been updated from research on and other sources.

ALLEN Daniel Williams 09  Feb  1826 09  Apr  1883 57y 2m. born Bath or Morgan Co, KY. s/o Daniel & Nancy (HUGHES) ALLEN. h/o 1st Narissa (PERGREM) 23 Nov 1848 & 2nd Lucy Ann (RICKETTS) 11 Jul 1865 & 3rd Francis Ann (PERKINS) DILLON ALLEN. "An honest man is the noblest work of God"
ALLEN Narissa (PERGREM) 29 Dec 1827 31 Oct 1861 d/o James Enoch & Emily (STEPHENS) PERGREM. born Bath Co, KY. 1st w/o Daniel Williams ALLEN 23 Nov 1848
ALLEN Lucy Ann (RICKETTS) 26 Apr 1827 05 Aug 1878 51y 3m 9d. d/o Thomas & Lucinda (TAYLOR) RICKETTS. born VA. 2nd w/o Daniel Williams ALLEN 11 Jul 1865
ALLEN William C. 25 Mar 1887 14 Aug 1888 s/o Enoch & Geneva (MONK) ALLEN. grands/o Daniel Williams & Narissa (PERGREM) ALLEN.
12 Dec 1877 8y 7m 5d. d/o Asa & S. M.
13 Sep 1878 27y 4m 18d. w/o M. E. ATKINSON. "in God we trust"
02 Nov 1875 5y 10m 15d. s/o H. F. & A. ATKINSON. "gone to rest"'
ATKINSON Louisana Yocum (ALLEN) 02 Feb 1857 08 Sep 1885 28y 2m 11d. born Bath Co, KY. d/o David Williams & Narissa (PERGREM) ALLEN. w/o 1st William P. BLOCKSTOCK & 2nd Hiram F. ATKINSON
BABB Martha
24 Sep 1874 4y 3m 15d. d/o J. W. & M. A. BABB.
BABB Samantha
05 Feb 1886 21y 16d. "Shut up the Bible. Don't grieve for me. Those angels how bright they look"
BALLINGER Martha Alice (ALLEN) 20 May 1866 17 Aug 1887 21y 2m 28d. d/o Daniel W. & Lucy Ann (RICKETTS) ALLEN. 1st w/o Benjamin Taylor BALLINGER 04 Jun 1886 in Grundy Co., MO.
BORUFF Laurance M. 1867 1933 born Springville, IN. s/o Samuel Franklin & Lurena (STEPP) BORUFF.
BORUFF Lurena (STEPP) 20 Dec 1827 11 Apr 1889 61y 3m 21d. born Monroe Co., IN. d/o Joshua & Rebecca (OWENS) STEPP. w/o Samuel Franklin BORUFF 19 Dec 1844 in Monroe Co., IN.
BOYD Addie 22 Oct 1854 24 Nov 1871 17y 1m 2d. d/o James B. & Naomi O. (CANTWELL) BOYD. "Gone home"
BOYD Albert W. 24 Apr 1863 29 May 1880 17y 1m 5d. s/o James B. & Naomi O. (CANTWELL) BOYD.
BROWN Salome (HERBERT) 25 Dec 1855 26 Dec 1892 d/o John HERBERT. w/o Silas A. BROWN.
03 Sep 1869 60y 9m 13d. w/o Simpson BURGIN
CHATFIELD Eunice (PERCY) 22 Feb 1796 25 Oct 1869 born New Haven Co., CT. d/o Joseph & Love (REYNOLDS/RUNNELS) PERCY. w/o John CHATFIELD 16 Jan 1820 at New Milford, Litchfield Co., CT.
DENNIS Charlie N. 17 Jan 1885 19 Nov 1956 71y 10m 2d. s/o John Robert & Sarah Rebecca (BECRAFT) DENNIS.
DENNIS Cordelia 14 Mar 1877 08 Mar 1883 8y 11m 25d. d/o John Robert & Sarah Rebecca (BECRAFT) DENNIS. "Just when we learned to love her most, He took her back to Heaven"
DENNIS Maggie M. 15 Jan 1887 30 Oct 1896 9y 9m 15d. d/o John Robert & Sarah Rebecca (BECRAFT) DENNIS.
DENNIS Sarah Rebecca (BECRAFT) 1857 06 Jan 1895 37y. 1st w/o John Robert DENNIS.
DOWNING Martha Jane
12 May 1856 5y 3m 3d. d/o J. F. & S. A. DOWNING
11 Jul 1877 45y 3m 28d. 2nd w/o Moses FISHER (buried Honey Creek Chapel).
13 Aug 1861 32y 11m 29d. 1st w/o Moses FISHER (buried Honey Creek Chapel).
FISHER Mary Polly (DENNIS) 26 Aug 1830 23 Apr 1869 born Mercer Co., MO. d/o Mathias Green & Martha Patsy (DAY) DENNIS. 1st w/o Samuel FISHER 25 Aug 1848 in Bath Co., KY.
FISHER Samuel 17 Mar 1825 25 Feb 1914 88y. born Montgomery Co., KY. s/o John & Nancy Oaks (MOUNTS) FISHER. h/o 1st Mary Polly (DENNIS) 22 Mar 1848 in Bath Co., KY & 2nd Elizabeth Ann (BLEW) MASON in Jan 1881 at Trenton, MO.
FISHER William
14 Jul 1869 2y 9d. s/o Moses & Elizabeth FISHER
FOSTER Ruthe 26 Feb 1841 29 May 1865
GIFFIN Henry 02 Aug 1831 03 May 1881 48y 3m 19d. GRIFFIN on stone - descendant says misspelled
GIFFIN James 14 Jun 1829 06 Jan 1869 79y 8m 15d. h/o Jane. GRIFFIN on stone - descendant says misspelled
GRAY Bertha L.
26 Mar 1875 2y 1m 3d. d/o J. O. & E. J.
HERBERT John S. 18 Jul 1818 09 Nov 1894 76y 3m 22d. h/o Rebecca Ann (CRAWFORD). "Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord and their works do follow them"
HERBERT Martha 'Mattie' 10 Jun 1854 27 Sep 1874 20y 8m 27d. d/o John S. & Rebecca Ann (CRAWFORD) HERBERT. 'Dearest sister tho thou hast left us, here thy loss we deeply feel. Yet tis God that has bereft us. He can all our sorrows heal'
HERBERT Mary Elizabeth 1787 10 Nov 1866 80y. w/o William HERBERT. "Our Mother; she sleeps in Jesus and we will meet again in the ressurection" (see p623 of History of Grundy County 1881)
HERBERT Rebecca Ann (CRAWFORD) 20 Apr 1822 11 Mar 1903 60y 10m 21d. born Muskingum Co., OH. d/o Robert & Elizabeth (CURRY) CRAWFORD. w/o John S. HERBERT.
HERBERT Sarah 28 Jul 1851 04 Aug 1894 43y 7d. d/o John S. & Rebecca Ann (CRAWFORD) HERBERT. "not lost, Sarah, lest thought, but gone before, where we shall meet to part no more" (a beautiful monument, a scroll unrolled over a stump, woodvine climbing over; lamb on top; a wreath of leaves below lamb)
HERBERT Ulysses 17 Apr 1862 11 Feb 1864 1y 9m 24d. d/o John S. & Rebecca Ann (CRAWFORD) HERBERT. "Budded on earth, etc."
29 Aug 1884 19y 10m 12d. w/o S. HEROD. "Remember, friends, etc."
22 Oct 1880 38y 1m 22d. d/o John E. & Irene HOUTS
HOUTS George L.
12 Jan 1867 17y 11m 25d. s/o John E. & Irene HOUTS

w/o John E. HOUTS.
07 July 1881 65y 5m 20d. h/o Irene HOUTS. (see p622 of Grundy County History 1881)
LAYSON Eunice Jane (KING) 05 Jan 1820 02 Nov 1912 born Montgomery Co., IN. d/o C. KING. w/o 1st - 2nd w/o Crawford VANCLEAVE 27 Aug 1840 in Montgomery Co., IN & 2nd - 2nd w/o James Finley LAYSON in May 1884 in Grundy Co., MO.
LEE James L.
15 Sep 1864 1y 9m 10d. s/o A. J. & Sophronia Melvina (THOMAS) LEE. "Gone but not forgotten"
LEE Laura B.
30 Oct 1869 5m 26d. d/o A. J. & Sophronia Melvina (THOMAS) LEE. "Blooming in Heaven"
LISBY Adam J. 15 Sep 1867 26 Feb 1958 s/o Henry Clay & Elizabeth (VANCLEAVE) LISBY. never married. Masonic emblem
LISBY Elizabeth (VANCLEAVE) 19 Mar 1834 03 Sep 1897 63y 5m 15d. born Montgomery Co, IN. d/o Crawford & Sarah VANCLEAVE. w/o Henry Clay LISBY.
LISBY Henry Clay 11 Feb 1835 06 Apr 1906 75y 7m 8d. born Shelby Co., KY. s/o Jefferson & Sarah (HEDDEN) LISBBY. h/o Elizabeth (VANCLEAVE).
 Civil War Union Soldier.
LISBY Howard 20 Jul 1900 07 Oct 1901 1y 2m 17d. s/o William Newton & Ida Belle (BILLINGSLY) LISBY.
LISBY Ida Belle (BILLINGSLY) 03 Oct 1869 14 May 1948 born Fork Run, Harrison Co, WV. died Fountain Grove, Linn Co., MO. d/o Josephus & Mary Margaret (SULLIVAN) BILLINGSLY. w/o William Newton LISBY 14 Aug 1887 in Livingston Co., MO.
LISBY Isaac Morrison 15 Mar 1858 25 Jul 1886 28y 4m 10d. born IN. s/o Henry Clay & Elizabeth (VANCLEAVE) LISBY.
LISBY Loid 11 Aug 1903 11 Aug 1903 s/o William Newton & Ida Belle (BILLINGSLY) LISBY.
LISBY William Newton 04 Jul 1859 17 Feb 1933 born Montgomery Co, IN. died Fountain Grove, Linn Co., MO. s/o Henry Clay & Elizabeth (VANCLEAVE) LISBY. h/o Ida Bell (BILLINGSLY) 14 Aug 1887 in Livingston Co., MO.
MILLER Isaac 1828 1916 h/o Lovina (POLAND).
 a member of Illinois "100 Day Service" Civil War
MILLER Julia E. 11 Oct 1877 22 Sep 1879 1y 11m 11d. d/o Isaac & Lovina (POLAND) MILLER
MILLER Lovina (POLAND) 1839 1892 w/o Isaac MILLER
REED Louisa (STEPP) 20 Feb 1827 12 Aug 1861 34y 6m 10d. born Lawrence TWP, Marion Co., IN. d/o Joseph & Rebecca (OWENS) STEPP. h/o 1st Abraham RICH in 1839 & 2nd - 1st w/o Sebourn REED in 1852 (Civil War-Co B or E Grundy Co. Battalion; his widow-Sarah-died 1930 90y)
REED Sarah Jane 27 Aug 1855 22 Aug 1861 5y 11m 25d. d/o Sebourn & Louisa (STEPP) REED.
ROBINSON Charlotte T. 29 Oct 1858 12 Jan 1879 d/o James & Ellen (BROWN) ROBINSON
ROBINSON Ellen (BROWN) 10 May 1830 21 Sep 1878 born Sangamon Co., IL. w/o James ROBINSON
ROBINSON James 29 Jan 1820 27 Aug 1912 s/o Laborn & unknown (LOGAN) ROBINSON. h/o Ellen (BROWN).
SHARP Frankie P.
04 Sep 1891 4m 3d. s/o Harman & Katie SHARP.
SHERMAN Elvira Prince (STEPP) 10 Jan 1829 12 Feb 1862 born IN. d/o Joshua & Rebecca (OWENS) STEPP. w/o William P. SHERMAN 19 Dec 1844 in Monroe Co, IN
SHERMAN Elvira Louise 15 Oct 1861 11 Jan 1862 d/o William P. & Elvira Prince (STEPP) SHERMAN.
SHERMAN William Franklin 'Willie' 10 Jun 1858 07 Jan 1862 s/o William P. & Elvira Prince (STEPP) SHERMAN

 Union Soldier, honorable discharge, & died soon after war.
01 Mar 1871 4m 11d. s/o G. D. & S. E. SPEER. "Gone but not forgotten"
STEPP George Dallas 10 Jan 1847 15 Aug 1875 28y 7m 5d. born Monroe Co., IN. s/o Joshua & Rebecca (OWENS) STEPP. h/o Sarah E. (YAKEY)
STEPP Gibsen B. 27 Jun 1832 08 Oct 1855 23y 3m 11d. born IN. s/o Joshua & Rebecca (OWENS) STEPP. "Remember, friends, etc."
STEPP Joshua 19 Nov 1800 21 Jun 1884 83y 8m 2d. born NC. s/o James & Elizabeth (HENDRICKS) STEPP. h/o Rebecca (OWENS) in 1827 at Clay, Webster Co., KY. 'Father'
STEPP Leonard 1838 14 Jul 1889 51y 4m 12d. born IN. s/o Joshua & Rebecca (OWENS) STEPP.
(STEPP)? Lucy?

27y 2m 28d. (almost undreadable stone)
STEPP Polly A. 24 Sep 1833 12 Nov 1853 20y 1m 18d. born IN. d/o Joshua & Rebecca (OWENS) STEPP.
STEPP Rebecca (OWENS) 13 Jun 1810 27 Mar 1885 74y 11m 14d. born Sweet Briar Park, Henrico Co., VA. d/o James Henry & Catherine Elizabeth (MOORE) OWENS. w/o Joshua STEPP in 1826 at Clay, Webster Co., KY. 'Mother'.
STEPP Sarah Jane 10 Mar 1853 02 Jul 1855 2y 3m 22d. d/o Jackson & Mary A. (HOPEWELL) STEPP. "To thee the child was only lent; while mortal it was thine; the child tho dead is yet alive; it lives forever mine"
SWETNAM J. B. 11 May 1802 23 Aug 1864 "Farewell, my wife and children all. From you, a father Christ doth call. Mourn not for me. It is in vain to call me to your sight again" h/o E. A. SWETNAM
SWETNAM Milton 18 Sep 1834 27 Sep 1860 s/o J. B. & E. A. SWETNAM
SWETNAM Nannie J. 16 Nov 1853 04 Jul 1856 d/o J. B. & E. A. SWETNAM. "We loved this tender little one and should have wished her stay. Then let our Father's will be done. She shines in endless day"
THARP Andrew
05 Feb 1878 74y 10m; h/o Catherine
THARP Catherine
09 Aug 1879 50y 3m 23d. w/o Andrew THARP. "Sister thou was mild and lovely, pleasant as the air of evening when it floats among the trees"
VANCLEAVE Crawford 11 Oct 1807 19 Jan 1877 69y 3m 8d. 1st h/o Eunice Jane (KING).
VANCLEAVE Samuel N. 13 Nov 1851 11 Oct 1877 s/o Crawford & Eunice Jane (KING) VANCLEAVE. "Go home dear wife and do not weep for I am singing in my long last sleep"
WISE Cornelius 23 Jun 1820 02 Dec 1869 born Trumbull Co., OH. h/o 1st Mary Ann 'Betsy' (CHATFIELD) 17 Mar 1843 in Trumbull Co., OH & 2nd Miranda (McMICKLE) in 1865 at Trenton, MO. father may be Peter Amos WISE.
WISE Lura Mae 16 Jul 1869 05 Mar 1873 3y 7m 17d. d/o Franklin B. & Catherine (BETZ) WISE. some family records have 'Laura Augusta'. "a bud on earth"
WISE Betsey Ann (CHATFIELD) 04 Jun 1821 Nov 1864 43y 5m 15d. born New Milford, Litchfield Co., CT. d/o John & Eunice (PERCY) CHATFIELD. 1st w/o Cornelius WISE 17 Mar 1843 in Trumbull Co., OH. marriage record has 'Mary Ann' and married 1842.
YORK Mary J. May 1853 Aug 1920
YORK William R. Jan 1853 Jan 1929
The following are members of the STEPP family (complete records alphabetically above).
These graves are enclosed within the cemetery by an iron fence with a gate.
Other children of Joshua & Rebecca: (#)= birth order)
STEPP, Joshua
STEPP, Rebecca (OWENS)
STEPP, Leonard (11)
BORUFF, Laurance M.
BORUFF, Lurena (STEPP)(2)
SHERMAN, Elvira (STEPP) (3)
SHERMAN, Elvira Louise
SHERMAN, William Franklin 'Willie'
REED, Sarah Jane
STEPP, Sarah Jane
STEPP, Gibsen B. (6)
STEPP, Polly A. (8)
REED, Louisa (1)
STEPP, George Dallas (18)
?, Lucy
Jackson STEPP (4) - Civil War Vet
Minerva Jane (STEPP) BURTCH (5)
Greenberry O. STEPP (7)
Arthusa (STEPP) KIRKHAM (9)
William Lincoln STEPP (10)
Sarah Jane (STEPP) SHERMAN (12)
Thomas Owen STEPP (13)
Samilda (STEPP) MARKERT (14)
Perilda (STEPP) SAYERS (15)
Ross C. STEPP (16)
Paris C. D. STEPP (17) - Civil War Vet
(end of STEPP family)

This material transcribed from the written records by Larry Flesher.
Copyright © 1997-2018 Larry G. Flesher, Grundy County, MO Cemetery Records.

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