Beginnings of Trenton, MO.

More than 150 years ago, pioneers from the Eastern States began to settle the rolling hills of northwest Missouri. Earlier, Indians of the Sac, Fox, Pottawatomie, Musquakie and Iowa tribes camped and hunted through the hills and on the river banks.

Trenton was first known as Lomax Store and Bluff Grove before being incorporated in 1857. It now serves as the county seat of Grundy County.

Dr. William Preston Thompson, a former Brigadier General in the Army, was the first permanent settler on record in Grundy County. Dr. Thompson and his family put down their roots near the current town of Edinburg in 1833. Over the next twenty years, numerous others discovered the vast richness of the area and decided to settle down amongst the rolling green hills.

Transportation was a central concern during this period and the Ohio, Missouri, Mississippi, and Grand Rivers allowed access to the area from places far and wide. In fact, a government office was set up around 1837 due to the excellent location and accessibility. This was a key factor in the increase in settlers throughout the area.

Daniel Devaul and his son built the first store in Bluff Grove (present day Trenton). Previous to the store's opening, settlers would have to travel many miles to other towns in order to get needed supplies. Lomax's Store was opened by Thomas Jacobs and James Lomax, this major event let to the development of other businesses and soon the future town of Trenton was booming.

It is easy to see why so many people decided to settle in the area: beautiful green hills, an abundant natural water supply, easy access, wildlife, and plenty of room to roam. These exact reasons are why many people choose to live here today.

Thanks to the Trenton Chamber of Commerce.

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