The Centennial Rowoth Farm
Grundy County MO

East Lincoln Township

Joseph Hammond Rowoth was born in Lincolnshire, England near the town of Whaplode on December 3, 1841. He was the only son of Robert and Ann Weldon Rowoth (January 8, 1808 - January 11, 1842). Joe's mother Ann died when he was about five weeks old, and he was left without a motherÕs tender care. He lived in England until he was about nine years old when he and his father Robert came to the United States. They lived in Erie County (now Monroe County) New York in a little town called McCrackenville in the Genesee River Gorge from 1850-1854 and worked in a hotel. After that, they moved on to Warren County, Illinois for two years (1855-1857). They worked as farm laborers so they could pay back money borrowed from fellow countrymen to pay the passage on the boat ride to the United States.

In 1857, they came to Missouri. Joseph H. Rowoth was seventeen years old when he and his father walked from Brunswick to Grundy County carrying their earthly belongings. Father Robert bought an eighty-acre farm for $500 from Mr. Kirkem who had homesteaded there and later an additional forty acres was homesteaded from the federal government. This farm is located in the once designated Herbert School District area on Honey Creek of southeastern Lincoln Township.

Father and son "batched" in a log cabin until the beginning of the Civil War. The love of JoeÕs adopted country induced him to take up arms in her defense so he enlisted in the renowned twenty-third (23rd) Missouri Volunteer Infantry, Company G. He served faithfully and well with them in all the trying and various engagements in which they participated. While Joseph was rejoicing over the battle of Vicksburg, July 4, 1863, news reached him that his aged father Robert died suddenly on July 8, 1863. Family records report that soldier Joseph H. participated in General ShermanÕs march from Atlanta to the sea.

Later he was united in marriage on October 21, 1866 to Rebecca E. Scott of the Herbert School area. Joseph H. and Rebecca Rowoth were the parents of four children:

Anna Laura Rowoth Cramer (March 6, 1868 - July 22, 1932)
Mary Etta (August 28, 1871 - July 11,1872)
William Walter (September 21, 1873 - June 6, 1932)
Fannie Ethel Rowoth Rains (October 17, 1883 - Fall 1991)

Ernest Clifton Rains (October 21, 1880 Š July 8, 1975) married Fannie Ethel on December 24, 1905. Their children were Ruth Rains Beckner, Wilma Rains Whitaker, Fern, Claude, and Marvin; five grand children and ten great grandchildren. Fannie and Ernest resided in Dunlap, Missouri over sixty-five years and celebrated nearly seventy years of happy married life together.

Rebecca Scott Rowoth died with typhoid fever in 1885. Joseph H. Rowoth married Mary Louise Mack on November 21, 1886 providing a home for his young daughter Fannie. A son was born to this union on December 21, 1888 and his name was Joseph Earl Rowoth. Joseph Hammond Rowoth died when Joseph Earl was less than six weeks old. Mother Mary Louise, daughter Fannie E. and Joseph E. made up a family who shared much love for many years.

In the spring of 1912, mother Mary L. and son Joseph E. returned to the centennial farm in Lincoln Township, Grundy County and operated it. On April 28, 1915, Alpha Viola Holloway (April 4, 1893 - July 8, 1985), daughter of Joab Alfred Holloway and Margaret Ellen Longstreth Holloway (living two miles east) married Joseph Earl. The couple traveled to Galt by horse and buggy. Reverend Robert Adams, minister of the Christian Church, performed the wedding ceremony. Mary L. returned to her home in Dunlap and assisted Ernest and Fannie in raising their children.

Grandmother Mary Louise returned to the Lincoln Township farm and shared a home with Joe, Alpha and children in the 1920's. Commencing in 1930 through 1946, Mary rented houses in Trenton and provided a home for her grandchildren attending Trenton High School and Trenton Junior College. In 1976, the Rowoth Farm was recognized as a centennial farm; the parents were still living on the farm that season. April 28, 1985, Joe and Alpha celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary. The governor of Missouri and the state house of representatives sent hearty congratulations and best wishes to this couple on this joyous occasion. Their married life was spent on the farm raising six living children: Joseph Alfred, Mary Margaret Curtis, Olin Arthur, Melvin Albert, Amy Inis Lynch and Paul Adron. Daughter Dorothy died at an early age of 18 years and baby Thelma died less than a year old. They parented 20 grandchildren, 36 great grandchildren, 3 step grand children, and 4 great, great, grand children and 2 step great grand children. Joseph passed away in Trenton on February 14, 1991.

The Rains' and Rowoths have been active in their church as Sunday School teachers and in their community as supporters of betterment projects. Joseph E. earned recognition for twenty-five years as member of the Herbert School Board for his outstanding services. They have seen many changes: log cabins to modern homes, horses to tractors, mud roads to hard surfaces, rural schools to consolidated schools, kerosene to electric lights. There were seasons of plenty on the farm and times of drought and distress.

During the war times, these loyal citizens were a vital part of the home front supporting our fighting troops. Alpha had a brother, Fred Holloway, who served in France during World War I. Claude Rains enlisted in 1940 with the US Navy and retired with 40 years of active service. Three Rowoth sons, Alfred, Olin and Melvin, with son-in-law, Lloyd Curtis, all volunteered to serve in World War II. As the new millennium approaches, the Rowoth Centennial Farm still remains intact by family members. 142 years of history lays testament to the connection that this family has had to Grundy County, Missouri.

All deceased family members have been buried at the Honey Creek Chapel Cemetery, except William Walter Rowoth who was buried in Denver, Colorado at Fairmont Cemetery.

Thanks to the Rowoth family for providing this information.

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