Grundy County MO Lineages

The earliest known occurrences of these surnames and lineages in Grundy County; they are assembled from the personal records of the submitter or the source indicated.

1824-1830Asa CAMPBELL and his wife, Rebecca CURTIS CAMPBELL, moved to Ray Co (later Grundy Co) MO sometime between 1824 and 1830. I believe his mother-in-law, Jane CURTIS, made the trip with them. All seven of their children were born in MO starting in 1833.
Dan Jolly
before 1838"Before the white men settled in Grundy County, Missouri, it was occupied as a hunting ground by the tribes of Sac, Sioux, and Pottawottamie Indians. Marion Township was made the home of the white man in 1838. In that year the settlers first began to arrive. Among those who came early were Joseph, Uriah and Samuel ROOKS of Indiana and John and Joab HOLLOWAY, all of whom settled in the fall of 1838"
from The History of Grundy County, MO
1837Samuel and Dorcas KELSO moved to Grundy Co. MO in the fall of 1837. They were both born in Spartenburg Co. SC, he on 10 Jul. 1794 and she on 20 Nov. 1897. They were married in Daviess Co. IN on 16 Oct. 1819. They moved to Missouri in 1837 when it was still part of Livingston Co. Their youngest child Hiram A. H. KELSO was born on the farm in Lincoln Twp. patented to his father Samuel and he lived there until his death on 25 Jan 1899. Most of the family is buried in the Proctor cemetery near Tindall.
Anna L. Martin
before 21 Oct 1839James Alexander ROBERTS settled in what later became Grundy County, MO. At the time of his arrival in Missouri this area was Livingston County, MO., and he was recorded on the 1840 census on page #278 as a resident in Franklin Twp., Livingston Co., MO. Grundy County was formed one year later in 1841. James Alexander ROBERTS was born 25 Dec 1808 in Knox Co., TN. and he died 27 Jun 1847 in Franklin Twp., Grundy Co., MO.

James Alexander ROBERTS was married to Minerva Grace HITE, daughter of George HITE and sister of Perlina (or Paulina) wife of James MAY and George W. HITE, husband of Cynthia A. (maiden name unknown). Minerva Grace HITE was born 15 May 1811 in either Virginia or Tennessee and she died in 1863 in Grundy Co., MO. They were married 13 Dec 1828 in Knox Co., TN., and they were recorded on the 1830 census of Knox Co., TN. living next door to her father on one side and his mother and step-father (after her 2nd marriage) on the other side.

James Alexander ROBERTS and Grace Minerva HITE had 7 known children together, before his death at the young age of 38 years, 6 months and 2 days. The eldest known child was John Henry ROBERTS born 06 Apr 1829 in Knox Co., TN. and died sometime after 1861 during the Civil War as a Confederate soldier, married to Nancy CARTMILL in 1860 in Grundy Co., MO. He had one child, William A. Roberts born 24 Feb 1862 in Grundy Co., MO. died 27 Sep 1933 in Grundy Co., MO.

George Irvin ROBERTS was the 2nd son of James A. Roberts and he was born 12 Feb 1831 in Morgan County, Indiana. He died 03 May 1884 in Franklin Twp., Grundy Co., MO. and was buried in May 1884 in the Bethel Church Cemetery in Franklin Twp., Grundy Co., MO. He was married to Mary Frances "Fannie" KING 01 Dec 1853 in Grundy Co., MO. He was the only male child in his family who survived the Civil War and he was shot in the head and suffered a "severe head wound" as a Sergeant in Company C of the 23rd Missouri Volunteer Infantry.

Andrew F. ROBERTS was the 3rd child of James Alexander Roberts. Andrew was born 20 Jan 1834 in Morgan Co., IN. and he died 10 Sep 1834 in Morgan Co., IN.

Mary Ellen ROBERTS was the 4th child and she was born 09 Sep 1837 in Morgan Co., IN. and she died 28 Mar 1915 in Honey Creek, MO. She was buried in the Masonic Cemetery in Spickard, Grundy Co., MO. She was married to Nathan Warnick KING 13 Nov 1853 in Spickard, Grundy Co., MO.

Thomas M. ROBERTS was the 5th child of James A. Roberts and he was born 21 Oct 1839 in Livingston Co., MO. He was killed during the Civil War at Corinth, Mississippi as a Confederate Soldier. He was a Private in Company F of the 1st Regiment of Confederate Missouri Cavalry. He enlisted 19 Mar 1862 in Van Buren, MO.

Eliza Jane ROBERTS was the 6th child of James A. Roberts. She was born 02 May 1842 in Franklin Twp., Grundy Co., MO. and we have no further record of her after the 1850 census of Grundy Co., MO. was taken in August 1850.

The youngest child of James A. ROBERTS was Sarah Ann ROBERTS. She was born 16 Nov 1846 in Franklin Twp., Grundy Co., MO., and she died in March 1883 in Grundy Co., MO. She was married to Enos OGDEN 01 Feb 1865 in Grundy Co., MO. Her husband also served in Company C of the 23rd Regiment of Missouri Volunteer Infantry.
Kelly Robert Greer

1839Archibald PEERY and his wife Nancy PEERYPEERY came to Grundy County from near Tazewell, Virginia with their children and several family members.
"The Peery Genealogy", The Utah Genealogical & History Magazine, Vol IX-1918
1839Matthew and Susanna HOBBS GIBSON came to Grundy Co. in 1839 from Russell Co. Va. With Matthew were his children George Washington, William Carroll , Matthew Smith, Margaret, Eliza Jane, and Elizabeth. William Carroll Gibson married Mary Ann WATTS on Nov 3, 1847. In 1861 while serving as a private with Co. F 30th Mo. Enlisted Militia he was shot in the hip near Spring Hill, a wound which he died of in April 29, 1877 after he moved his Family to Barton Co. Kansas.

Matthew Smith Gibson married Louisa Barnett WATTS in July 28, 1850. Their descendants are still around Grundy Co. George Washington Gibson married Eleanor McCAMERON. Margaret Gibson married Mr. GRIMES. Eliza Jane Gibson married William COX. Elizabeth Gibson married Silus RENFRO.

From the History of Grundy Co. 1881

John, William and Matthew Gibson all came in 1839.
Matthew Gibson was a justice of the peace. page 558
Chuck Gibson
1839John Samuel Peter MARSHALL moved to Grundy County from Ohio at age 20 in 1839. In 1841 he married Nancy YOUNG in Grundy County. They had 16 children. They both died in Grundy County and are buried there. J.S.P. Marshall was a member of the first grand jury that sat in Grundy County.
Diana Gray
1839Thomas KILBURN came to Grundy County in 1839 with William A. WARREN and Elisha KILBURN. He settled in the southeastern part of the county (now Wilson Township) near where Stucker Cemetery is now located. After a time Elisha KILBURN and William A. WARREN returned to Kentucky.

William Anderson WARREN first came to Grundy County in 1839 from Crab Orchard, KY with Elisha KILBURN and the Thomas KILBURN family. He went back to Kentucky then returned to Grundy County in 1854 with his family and others. The Warren family settled in the area near the Kilburn families. William Anderson WARREN married Elizabeth THOMPSON and had six children.

Submitted by Loma HURST
1842-1845David AUSTIN (1804-about 1861) and his wife Isabella LOFTON (1813-1910) moved from Arkansas to Grundy County between 1842 and 1845. They had seven children: Isaiah (who probably married Avalin UNK), William, Edwin, Elizabeth Ann, Lucinda (who married GRAY), Louisa E. (who married George Albert FORD), and George B. F. David owned and farmed several parcels of land in Grundy County. Isaiah, William, and Edwin all fought in the Civil War.
Diane Stephens
aft 1842Isaac William BOORAM, wife Mary Carrico BRYAN and some married children left Mason County, VA for Missouri. Mary Booram died 1842 in Jefferson Co, MO. The rest of the family went on to Grundy County. Other families include Felix McLEY and wife Rachel HARRISON, their children Jacob and Elizabeth (HUGHS), Joseph and Elizabeth (WATTS), Mary and Griffith HARRISON, Reuben and Martha (Van DYKE), James and Deanthan (TERRY). All the children were married in Grundy County.

Zachariah BOORAM is buried in Coon Creek Cemetery along with wife, Ruth. Quite a few other family members are buried there as well.
Marcia Fiedler

About 1846James HUGHES and Ibeliza MACKLEY were married in Mason County, West Virginia on October 8, 1845. Shortly after they were married (between 1845 and January 1847), they moved to Grundy County, Missouri.

Although he was 41 years old, James enlisted in the First Regiment Calvalry of the Missouri State Militia on May 28, 1862. Only six months later, James died in a hospital in Sedalia, Missouri, from "congestion of the brain" while serving in the military. He left behind a 36 year old wife and eight children.

On October 2, 1863, James´ oldest son, John W.F. Hughes, enlisted in the same Regiment his father had been in. Military papers show John as 18. However, according to his birth date and other legal papers, John was only 16 years old when he went into the service. During a battle at Mine Creek in Kansas on October 25, 1873, John´s horse was shot and killed from underneath him. John was in the Civil War until July 12, 1865. Tragically, only a few months before, John´s mother, Ibeliza, died. She was 39 years old. Ibeliza´s brother, Joseph Mackley, became the Hughes´ childrens´ guardian.

John died at the age of 48.

James and Ibeliza are buried in Cat Creek Cemtery. John and his wife, Nancy Elizabeth McATEE, are buried in the family cemetery, Coon Creek.

Several of the Hughes (now spelled Hughs) descendants still live in Grundy County.
Submitted by Peggy Forbes (, gg grandaughter of James Hughes.

bef 1848John Franklin CRANDALL was born 2 June 1848 in Trenton, son of John SMITH CRANDALL and Malinda (BROYLES) and lived all his life there until 1907 when he and family moved to Davenport, Iowa. He was one of the carpenters who helped build the old Baptist Church in Trenton and was a member for 67 years, sang in the choir, and was a clerk for the church. He was active in the Odd Fellows Lodge in Grundy County and was buried in that cemetery in May 1935. He married Lucy E. BALL on 13 November 1878 in Trenton. They had two sons and one daughter.

Mr. John S. Crandle's [CRANDALL] obit appeared in the August 8, 1851 edition of the WESTERN PIONEER, Trenton, Missouri. He was aged about 45 and was a native of Ohio and a mill wright by trade. He was survived by his 3rd wife Malinda (BROYLES) and 6 children.
Dwayne Crandall

1848Martha BROYLES married in the Grundy county area in 1848 to Benjamin Tyree NEET. We are not related to either BROYLES or NEETs, just have them as siblings of our blood relations.
Bill and Loydean ALLEN
1848In August 1848, Clark Roberson McAFEE was born in Grundy Co. to William C. and Rebecca (RICHARDS) McAFEE. William and Rebecca moved to Grundy Co. from Clay Co., MO abt. 1840; they had at least two other sons--John and Robert, both probably born in Grundy Co. as well.
Jenny Tenlen
1849Martin BAKER and his wife Elizabeth RICE BAKER settled in Grundy County in the fall of 1849. Both were born in Lancaster, Kentucky, Martin on Nov. 11, 1796 and Elizabeth on March 21, 1807. They married on May 24, 1825 in Garrard County, KY. They brought with them to Missouri their six children:
Maria Elizabeth (married Solomon Skaggs)
James (married Sarena Kilburn)
Martha (married Hiram Kilburn)
Dudley (married Hulda Ann Shinn)
Daniel (married Kate Robertson)
Margaret (married a Stone)
Annie Skaggs
Abt 1850Milton J. MYERS settled in Grundy Co., in abt 1850. He was born Aug 22, 1828 in Bath Co., Ky., and married Margaret Melvina TRUMBO dau of Manasah A. and Hannah TAYLOR TRUMBO. Parents of Milton were Jacob and Lucy CORBIN MYERS. Myers Township was named for him and his brother Lewis. Milton died May 28, 1878 and his wife died Mar 26, 1906. Both are buried in the Masonic Cemetery. Children born were: George Hicks who married Anna E. SNEDEGAR; Mary Alice married W. C. ANDERSON; Lucy H. married Walter P. BOYCE; Jacob Milton; William C. married Laura M. DANIELS; Alfred T. married Christina MONK. Mr. Myers was a farmer in Grundy Co. Would like more information on this family.
Please contact ULA RAE MYERS MOSER
1220 9th. St.
Lewiston, Idaho 83501
1853John Wesley Skaggs came to Grundy County in 1853. He was born Nov. 29, 1813, possibly in Tennessee, and married Elizabeth Smelser in Daviess County, Indiana on Jan. 9, 1839. Their son Solomon was born Oct. 2, 1839 in Daviess County, Indiana. Solomon served in Company B of the 23rd Missouri during the Civil War. Solomon married Maria Elizabeth Baker on Jan. 8, 1874. The home built by Solomon still stands on Route 2 Trenton and is occupied by descendants of Solomon and Maria.
Annie Chapman Skaggs
1854Joseph A. Ketcham DILLON was born January 25, 1837 in Indiana, the son of William B. and Eleanor (Ketcham) Dillon, who came to Grundy County in 1854. William B. Dillon was born May 25, 1816, in Adams County, Ohio, and his parents, Isaac and Mattina Dillon, were both natives of Ohio. Joseph A. K. Dillon was the oldest of nine children born to William B. and Eleanor. His brothers and sisters were: Isaac: Solomon K.; Jacob F.; William J.; Mattina J.; Mary; Elizabeth E.; Samuel H.

Joseph A. K. Dillon was married May 15 1856, to Sarah Priest, born in Morgan County, Ohio. She had a sister Mattie (Priest) Baker, but little is known of her. Joseph A. K. Dillon died in a prison camp at Macon, Georgia, August 22, 1862, leaving two daughters: Elizabeth Jane, and Mary (Molly) Frances Dillion.

Elizabeth Jane, daughter of Joseph A. K. Dillon, was born September 9, 1857. She was married to Tillman A. White, born August 22, 1850, died July 3, 1928, at Galt, Missouri. Their children were: Bessie Lee, who married Nathaniel Cooper; Dora, who married Eugene Rice Harris; Mayme, who married William Fernando West. All are now deceased (1981).

Mary (Molly) Frances, daughter of Joseph A. K. Dillon, born February 7, 1859, was married September 11, 1881 to Henry C. Flagg, born January 27, 1841, died April 24, 1909. Their children were: Tillman, who died in infancy; Oral and Earl, twins; Beulah, who married James Simpson; John; Edith, who married Culver Harris.

Joseph A. Ketcham Dillon was a member of the Union Army and the Grand Army of the Republic (G.A.R.), and the local G.A.R. Post was named for him. Ne began his military service August 26, 1861, as a corporal in Company B, 23rd Regiment Missouri Volunteer Infantry. On April 6, 1862 he was taken prisoner at Shiloh, Tennessee, and died at prison camp, Fort Oglethorpe, Macon, Georgia, on August 22, 1862. After his death, Sarah (Priest) Dillon made her home with her daughter and son-in-law, Henry C. and Molly Frances (Dillon) Flagg.
Roger Flagg

1854John KILBURN and his family came to Grundy County with the William A. WARREN family and settled close to the other KILBURN families, who came in 1839. It has been written in many places that at one time all of the west half of Wilson Township was owned by the Kilburns. Thomas, William and John KILBURN were brothers.
Submitted by Loma HURST
1855Lewis MYERS came to Grundy Co., in the spring of 1855, with his wife Nancy Ann RALLS and seven children, all being natives of Bath Co., Ky. Lewis was educated in Kentucky and taught school there for a number of years. He was born Oct 26, 1918. Nancy was born Mar 16, 1824 and they married Aug. 4, 1842. The parents of Lewis were Jacob and Lucy CORBIN MYERS. Nancy's parents were George W. RALLS and Martha Jane THOMPSON. In 1864 he was elected to represent Grundy Co., in the General Assembly of the State, where he served for two years.

He was postmaster at Muirtown for 8 years and was in Governor Gamble's militia. Mrs. MYERS died Sep 25, 1881 and Mr. MYERS died Jun 5, 1899. Both are buried in the Barnes Cemetery in Spickard.

Their children were: Lucy Ellen who married Isaac P. MARTIN, Mar 24, 1859; Mary Jane married Isaac SCHIVINGTON, Aug 2, 1893; Jacob L. died shortly after birth and is buried in Ky.; Ann Elizabeth married 1st. William T. HUGHES, Nov. 6, 1866 2nd. William RAMSEY; George died young, is buried in Ky.; John M. married 1st. Anna E. JUDD, Dec 25, 1870 2nd. Rebecca M. ROBERTS Dec 6, 1891; Benjamin F. died young, is buried in the Barnes Cem.; Margaret died in her teens, is buried in the Barnes Cem.; Emeline Ada died age 20, buried in the Barnes Cem.; Richard French married Elizabeth A. YOUNG, Sep 29, 1884 in Ka.; Ruth married James M. FOSTER, Jan 12, 1882; Andrew L. married Martha P. FITZPATRICK, Sep 27, 1883; Lewis Jr. died young, is buried in the Barnes Cem. Richard F. moved to Asotin Co., Wa., and Andrew L. moved to Yakima Co., Wa.
Please contact ULA RAE MYERS MOSER
1220 9th. St.
Lewiston, Idaho 83501

1857-1870George Robert Riley BRASSFIELD married his wife, Caroline M. GRAVES in 1857 in Farmersville, Livingston, Missouri. They were living in Grundy County in 1870. They were the parents of ten children.
Diana Gray
by 1860Henry Rinker with his brothers, George and Joseph and families sold their land in Shenanoah County, VA in 1822 moved to Pickaway County, OH. George died there and Henry and Joseph moved on to Porter County, IN. There Henry's daughter, Catherine married Josiah Allen and moved to Miami County, KS. By 1850 Henry and Joseph Rinker were in Madison County, IL.

Henry Rinker was in Grundy County, MO by 1860. He died in 1865 and is buried in the Alpha Cemetery with his wife and son, James H. Rinker. He is one of my great grandfathers.
Mary H. Jenkins

1860Hiram Watson Ishmael was born in Delaware Co., Indiana and was known to have been living in Grundy County, Missouri in January of 1860. He married Elizabeth Ann Chrisman in Jan 1865 to which marriage 12 children were born. Both Hiram and Elizabeth are buried in the Stucker Cemetery located south of Laredo, Missouri.
Diane Walden
1860 Washington Twp., Grundy Co., MOCharles Perry was born 8 July 1842 in Grant Co., IN to Richard Perry and Rebecca H. Stanley. Charles and his mother appear in Wayne Co., IN in 1850. They show next in Washington Twp., Grundy County in the 1860 census. I could not find Rebecca after that. Charles m. Sarah Evaline Newton, 1863, Grundy Co. Sarah is the daughter of Harrison and Minerva Newton. Charles and Sarah have five children, William L. m. Maude M. Kennedy, Sylvester V m. Ruby L. Mabe, Lucy B m. John M. Moore, Charles Thomas m. Meda Belle Spickard and Frankie Perry. Charles, Sarah and all their children are buried in Johnson Cemetery, Grundy County. Grandson, William McKinley Perry and his wife, Beulah Anna Tuttle are buried in the Spickard Masonic Cemetery.
Chuck Perry
14 May 1863Sirrilda Ellen BAKER was born in Spickard, MO. She was the daughter of George W. BAKER born July 29, 1818 in Campbell Co., TN. died Feb. 7, 1908 in Spickard, Grundy Co., MO. buried Feb. 1908 in Spickard Masonic Cemetery, in Spickard, Grundy Co., MO., and his wife Lucy Anne BRYANT born May 12, 1827 in Point Isabel, KY. (now called Burnside, KY.) died March 26, 1912 in Grundy Co., MO. buried March 1912 in Spickard Masonic Cemetery, Spickard, Grundy Co., MO. The Baker family came from Pulaski County, Kentucky and they moved to Indiana (Martin County) sometime prior to 1850 and sometime after January 1847. They moved to Missouri, originally settling in Mercer County, sometime between May 6, 1849 and Jan. 5, 1856. Sometime prior to May 1863 they moved again to Spickard, Grundy Co., MO, and settled there.

Sirrilda Ellen Baker had 7 known siblings. Her eldest brother, William S. Baker was born April 1, 1845 in Pulaski Co., KY and he was killed on Jan. 30, 1863 at Pacific City, MO., during the Civil War, as a Union soldier (enlisted Aug. 9, 1861 as a Private in Co. C, 23rd Regiment Mo. Infantry.). He died unmarried and left no children.

The 2nd eldest BAKER child was Polly Jane BAKER b. Jan. 16, 1847 in Pulaski Co., KY. d. aft. 1940 in Marshalltown, Marshall Co., IA. She was married to Samuel Henry HEDRIX on Aug. 10, 1864 in Grundy Co., MO. and had at least 5 children. Her husband also served in Co., C of the 23rd Regiment of Missouri Volunteer Infantry as well as Co. K of the 23rd Regiment.

The 3rd eldest BAKER child was Mary A. Baker b. May 29, 1851 in Martin County, IN. d. Oct. 5, 1873 in Grundy Co., MO. She was the wife of James M. (or Isaac A.?) TILLERY. She had one known child, a son named Newton TILLERY.

The 4th eldest BAKER child was John Perry BAKER b. May 29, 1853 in Martin County, IN, d. Oct. 18, 1873 in Grundy Co., MO. He died unmarried.

The 5th BAKER child was Andrew J. BAKER, b. Jan. 5, 1856 in Martin Co., IN, d. Dec. 23, 1861 in Mercer County, MO.

The 6th BAKER child was Nancy Elizabeth (Lizzie) BAKER b. May 6, 1859 in Medicine Twp., Mercer Co., MO. d. March 18, 1909 in Lexington, NE b. March 1909 in the Greenwood Cemetery on Taft St. in Lexington, Nebraska, wife of Joshua L. KING.

Sirrilda Ellen was the 7th known BAKER child.

The youngest BAKER child was James Harvey BAKER, b. July 14, 1866 in Grundy Co., MO. d. Feb. 25, 1952 in Spickard, Grundy Co., MO. b. in the South Evans Cemetery in Lincoln Twp., Grundy Co., MO, husband of Sarah A. RICKETTS.
Kelly Robert Greer

c1864Emery HICKMAN was in MO by 1837. He was born in either Boone or Clay County KY. He and his first wife Elizabeth MCCAMMON lived in Mercer County. Emery moved to Grundy County with his second wife Martha WILD HALL about 1864.
Trinka Bruce
1864ALLEN LEE moved to Grundy Co. 1864 with his wife MARINDA RIDER and three sons, EDWARD A., JASON H. & FRANK W. They farmed in the Rural Dale area. FRANK W. and JASON H. were stockholders and directors in the Dunlap bank. JASON H. was also superintendent of the Grundy Co. fair grain and vegetable dept. Allen was postmaster in Rural Dale for eight years.
1864-1867William Henry FLESHER and his wife Mary Ann BOYLAN FLESHER came to Grundy County from Muskingum County, Ohio with six of their eventual seven children sometime between 1864 and 1867, when their seventh child, my grandfather, was born in Grundy County.
Larry Flesher
1865"'When his father died (1844) and his mother remarried in 1848, Isaac WASHBURN went to live with his older sister, Mercy Jane. When he was fourteen, Mercy Jane and her husband William Clark GRIFFITH sold him 40 acres for fifty dollars and in 1860 Isaac married Mary RUSH. On Aug. 16, 1862 Isaac, and Mary's brother William, enlisted in the Company A-111th (one hundred and eleventh) infantry regiment of the Illinois Infantry Volunteers. His post office address at the time of enlistment was Alma, IL. William was killed in action at the battle of Atlanta, GA on July 22, 1864. Isaac served through the end of the war and was discharged June 6, 1865 at Springfield, IL with the rank of Seargent. At that time Isaac and Mary sold their farm in Marion County, IL for $150 and moved to Grundy County, MO where they farmed until 1904, and then retired in the town of Spickard. Isaac served as County Judge in 1881 & 1882, also served later on the City Council and was also Mayor of Spickard. On Feb. 12, 1925, Isaac and Mary celebrated their 60th wedding Anniversary, but only the friends and family that lived in Spickard were able to attend, due to the muddy conditions of the roads."
from The History of Grundy County, MO
Hoy Washburn
1872Benjamin Joseph settled in Grundy County in 1872 and was a resident of Trenton 49 years. He came to this country from Staffordshire, England, where he was born October 1, 1840. His travels led him to New York, Pittsburgh and Chicago, and he came to Missouri after the great Chicago fire, of which he was a witness. Mr. Joseph joined the Church of England at the age of eight and had been a member of the I.O.O.F. here for the last 20 years. He moved to a farm in the country after leaving the services of the Rock Island, where he worked as a fireman. He was united in marriage December 25, 1863, to Maryan [sic] Hallet [sic] in South Wales, England. To this union were born ten children. Only seven survive. They are O.B. Joseph of Des Moines, Iowa, Elijah of Baker City, Mexico. Mrs. W.D. Hack resides 1 mile northeast of Tindall, Mrs. J.A. Johnson of Chicago, Homer Joseph of Chicago, Otto Joseph of Trenton, Mrs. Jack Krause of Chicago and a granddaughter, Mrs. Glen McCully of Kansas City. Mrs. Benjamin Joseph departed this life June 7, 1921.
Jill Joseph
bef 1876My Great-Great Grandfather, Horace Rush (born in Ohio April 4, 1846), settled in Trenton, MO with his wife, Dollie Jane Anderson (born in Elkhart, IN Oct. 21, 1854) sometime before the birth of their first child, Nancy Ann Rush, born in Grundy County, MO in 1876. They had five other children: George W. Rush, born March 21, 1880; Isaac Terry Rush, born 1883; Horessa Rush, born 1888; Harretta Rush, born 1888; and Horace Edgar Rush, born Feb. 1897. George W. Rush married Lizzie Ellis in 1893 at Spickard. Horessa Rush married W.K. (Kessler) Mote in 1906. Horace Edgar Rush was secretary of the Rathkamp Matchcover Society and editor of their newsletter from 1943 until 1955.
"Vicky George"
c1876Lee Bruce McNAIR settled in Grundy County and married Jenny RATLIFF after fighting in the Civil War as a Confederate soldier.
"The McNair Family History"
bef 1893John R. Dennis and his wife Sarah Rebecca Becraft Dennis came to Grundy Co from Bath Co. Ky. In what year is still a mystery I need to solve. My Grandfather Howard Edward Dennis was born in Dunlap, Grundy Co., Missouri on 02-15-1893...they had 6 children that I know of...Sarah died in 1895 leaving small children and a husband. John re-married Adaline Hughes and they had several more children and Addie raised and loved Sarah's of which was my Grandpa!!
Carol Albrecht
1880Henry Curtis FLAGG was born January 27, 1841, in Westborough, Massachusetts. He was engaged in farming until the Civil War, when he enliste, December 3, 1861, as a private under 1st Sgt. I. A. George, Company I, 6th New Hampshire Regiment. He was in the battle of Bull Run in Virginia and was wounded August 29, 1862, receiving the surgeon´s Certificate of Disability on December 25, 1862. On November 30, 1863, he re-enlisted for three years as Sergeant of Captain Len P. Brackett´s Company G, 57th Regiment, Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry, and was honorably discharged. June 20, 1865, at Tenally Town, D. C. He took up the occupation of shoemaker and after the war, came west, first locating in St. Louis, Missouri. In 1880, he moved to Lindley, Missouri, south of Galt. He was married September 11, 1881, to Mary (Mollie) Frances Dillon, and they were the parents of six children: Tillman, who died in infancy; Oral and Earl, twins; Beulah; Edith; and John.

The Flaggs moved about 1900 to Galt, Missouri, where Henry C. served as Justice of the Peace on township board, and was a member of the Methodist Protestant (M. P.) Church, the Knights of Pythias (K. of P.) Lodge, and the Grand Army of the Republic.

He was a shoemaker and repairman at the Mock and Perry Harness Shop. Henry C. died April 24, 1909 and Mollie died July 24, 1927.

Oral, one of the twins, married Etta Williamson and their only child, a son, died when small. Both Oral and Etta are deceased (1981). Oral and family lived in Dexter Missouri.

Earl, the other twin, married Martha and their two sons, Jack and Robert, lived in Kelso, Washington. Jack Flagg is the only surviving member of this family.

Note: Earl and Oral went to watchmaker´s school in Chicago. They graduated as watchmakers and jewelers. Each operated his own shop in their respective towns.

Beulah, born July 24, 1884, was married to James W. Simpson, born September 1, 1870. They were the parents of five children: Earl, Galt, Missouri; Robert, Galt, Missouri; Paul, deceased: John, Chula, Missouri; Willard, Grand Junction, Colorado. Beulah died October 22, 1961, and James W. died April 13, 1936.

Edith, born November 23, 1895, was married to Culver Harris, born August 14, 1876. They were the parents of five children: Ellis; Dorothy; Marion; Marvin, deceased; Ardell. Edith died May 19, 1962, and Culver died March 24, 1945. The parents of Culver Harris were Robert Thompson Harris and Annet Culver Doan. Both of them may be buried in the Galt area.

John, born February 2, 1900, was married to Elsie Long, and they were the parents of three children: Roger, Medford, Oregon; Myrna, Eagle Point, Oregon; Gail, Medford, Oregon. John died on December 9, 1963.
Roger Flagg

aft 1900John Lyford PEASE and his wife, Lydia Ann MAGGARD, move to Trenton sometime after 1900 with their nine children. Their daughter, Peraltha Valeria PEASE married John Veasey HATTON and lived in Trenton. At least two of the PEASE boys became barbers.
Fran Hatton

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