Civil War Veterans Buried in Grundy County MO

This listing of Civil War Veterans known to be buried in Grundy County duplicates the listings in the individual cemeteries. If you know of an individual who should be on this list and is not, please email me and the record will be added.

ADDISONEdward 1864Civil War Vet. dispatch carrier under GrantRural Dale
AKARSJames 10 Aug 190169y 6m 13d. Civil War (service star). h/o Eliza (KACKLEY)Rural Dale
AKERSHomer27 Jul 183810 Aug 1908h/o Henrietta AKERS. Co K 67 Ohio Inf Civil War (military stone)Denness
ALDRIDGEW. H.  Lt Co F 59 Mass Inf Civil War (service stone)Ward
ALGARThomas  Civil War soldier, Kings BattalionOld City
ALLENBenjamin Franklin04 Jun 183201 Jan 1925born in NC. h/o Sally (SMART). Civil War soldier, CSA (military stone)Maple Grove
ALLISONMoses02 Feb 183409 Oct 1924h/o Elmyra Catherine (REX). Co F 123 Ohio Vol Civil War.Edinburg
AMICKA. P.04 Mar 184404 Feb 1892Co B 23rd Mo Inf Civil War (military stone).Maple Grove
ANDERSONHenry M. 17 Oct 190272y 6m 29d. h/o Lydia Ann ANDERSON. Civil War (service star).Rural Dale
ANSELMichael 14 Aug 186633y 11m 21d. Co D 140th Ind Inf Civil War.Proctor
ANSELVincent  Co F 36 Ohio Inf Civil War - gov't stoneGroff
ARMSTRONGFinley M.16 Jun 184402 Apr 1907h/o Mary (BONTA). Co F Iowa Vol & Co K 2nd & 3rd Inf Consolidated Civil WarGrundy Center
ARNEYCornelius L.30 Oct 184324 Mar 1913h/o Marilda A. (FEARS). Co H 23 Reg Mo Vol Inf Civil WarFox
ARNEYGeorge H.11 Jul 181818 Apr 1892h/o Elizabeth M. ARNEY. Co H 23 Mo Inf Civil War.Cat Creek
ARNEYJ. N. B. 19 Feb 186219y 8m 16d. Co B 23 Mo Vol Inf Civil WarCat Creek
ARNEYJesse 02 Jan 192478y. Co K MNS Cav Civil WarFox
ARNEYJohn W.17 Aug 182328 Mar 1886h/o Mary A. ARNEY. Co E 25 Mo Inf Civil War (gov't stone)Fox
ARNOLDNathan01 Nov 183308 Mar 190268y 4m 7d. s/o Moses M. & Mary Ann Morgan (she died 1835 in Maumee Co. OH). h/o Angeline (LOWERY). Capt of Companies L & B 7th Mo SM 3rd state militia (page 682 Grundy Co. Hist.)Skinner
ATKINSTONS. J.11 Apr 184412 Oct 1902Co G 13th Mo Cav Civil WarGalt East
ATWOODColumbus24 May 184616 Mar 1933born near Anderson, IN; Civil War soldier, Drummer then Soldier, Co. I 44th Missouri Vol Infantry (military stone)Maple Grove
BAGLEYSamuel H.18431900Union Soldier, Ohio; 2nd h/o Mary H. (BAUGHMAN)IOOF
BAILEYJohnathon S.04 Apr 184025 Jan 1926h/o Mary J. (GOBEN). Co C 23 Mo Inf. another record has him in Co BJohnson
BAILEYMartin L.  military stone; Co C 23 Mo InfMiddlebury
BAILEYPeter  Civil War soldier, CSA (military stone)Maple Grove
BAINPleasant W.1845192244 MO Vol Inf; born TN. s/o Jacob & Adaline BAIN. husband of Angeline (LINNEY)Masonic
BAINTERDaniel28 Oct 182607 Jan 1894Civil War Vet, Home Guard; husband of Charlotte (CORY)Edinburg
BAKERC. H.18381925Mason; Co E 191 Reg Ohio InfSpickard Masonic
BAKERRobert D.13 Dec 184406 Feb 1941Born Mill Grove, IN; Pvt 1 IN Arty.; Funeral marker south of Robert D. (his wife, Mattehah Jane (DILLON) died 1920?)Rural Dale
BALLJohn M.09 Dec 182809 Mar 1894h/o Lucetta (HARTSHORN) 27 Feb 1860 in Crawford Co., IL. pvt Co C 35 MO Vol Inf Civil War.Wild Chapel
BARKHURSTJohn 16 Mar 188139y 3m 6d. Civil War. h/o Amanda C. BARKHURSTRural Dale
BARNESThomas31 Jan 184803 Apr 1906Co C 23rd Mo InfSpickard Masonic
BARNETTRobert18381927Private Co I 159 Reg Ohio Nat'l Guard Vol. (Civil War); husband of Mary R. (SHANEY)Black Oak
BARRJames Crosier 01 Jul 189875y 7m 11d. (service star) Civil War vet. h/o Lydia Irene (KNIGHT)Rural Dale
BATEAlfred J.29 May 184601 Jul 1919born in London, England; husband of Arabelle; Civil War soldier, Co. E 4th Wisconsin Vol Cavalry, USA (military stone)Maple Grove
BATYJohn C.  Civil WarRural Dale
BEAMTNERWilliam  Capt 18th Mo Inf Civil WarIOOF
BEANRobert05 Apr 184026 Jun 1911(service star) Civil War. h/o Laura (GRAY)Rural Dale
BEARDENGeorge W.18351922husband of Hannah (WELLS). Civil War soldier, G.A.R. (miltary stone)Maple Grove
BECKNERNewton18401921(service star) Civil War. h/o Mary (SHERROW).Rural Dale
BEEKLERGeorge29 Nov 184425 Nov 1914husband of Ida M. (HARDEST). Civil War soldier, Co. K 18th Missouri Infantry (military stone #43)Maple Grove
BELIEUMygager  Civil War soldier, Co. A 3rd Iowa Cavalry (military stone #25)Old City
BELLHarry  born in Germany; Civil War soldier, 6th Indiana, USA (military stone)Maple Grove
BELLJ. H.25 Oct 182627 Mar 1903(service star) Civil War. h/o Eliza F. BELLRural Dale
BENNETTSarah  no dates on stone; nurse in Civil WarCat Creek
BENSONDaniel  155th Indiana Infantry (Co. C)Shelburne
BENSONHenry Frank 10 Nov 192080 yr. - (mil. stone) Co B 23 MO Inf - Battle of Shiloh. h/o 1st Sarah R. (UNKNOWN & 2nd - 2nd husband of Lucinda (FRANCIS) WISDOMIOOF
BENTONJames01 Aug 183916 Aug 1911husband of Sarah; Civil War soldier, 60th U.S., GAR; "Negro"Old City
BERNARDC. W.18441918husband of Katie FRENCH; Co. D 7th 1 A Vol Cavalry, War 1862-1865; G.A.R. emblem on markerBratton
BERRYDaniel M.25 Aug 184212 Sep 1923Co B 13 Reg. Mo. Vol. Cav.; Son of Daniel & Anna (DILLON) BERRY; Husband of Susanna (ELLEDGE)Berry
BERRYThomas B.18401920Son of Daniel & Anna (DILLON) BERRY; Husband of Rebecca M. (ELLEDGE); Co K - 10 Reg. Kans. Inf.Berry
BERRYWilliam A. 10 Jun 1885age 41y 2m 29d; husband of Minnie (GREEN); Civil War soldier 29th Missouri USA (miltary stone)Maple Grove
BESTCharles R.18411928born Birmingham, England; served on Govt. vessel during Civil War; husband of Martha J. (CUMMINGS)Galt West
BEVANJames23 Apr 183328 Aug 1915Civil War. h/o Sarah A. (HILL)Rural Dale
BIGGSRobert M.15 Jan 184808 Mar 1927husband of Helena (LEGG). Civil War soldier Co I 44th Missouri Infantry (military stone)Maple Grove
BLACKBURNJ. R. Sr. 20 Feb 190172y 5m 9d; Civil War vet; husband of Sarah (WIBB)Rural Dale
BLAKERobert25 Dec 181320 Oct 189278y10m 25d; born in County Derry, Ireland; GAR Co B Iowa Vol InftryMasonic
BLATTNERIssac18431917Vet Civil War, G.A.R. Co B 24th IA. h/o Louisa Ann BLATTNERIOOF
BLEWCage  Civil War soldier, 23rd Missouri InfantryOld City
BLEWRichard T.  Civil War soldier, Co. B 23rd Missouri, USA (military stone)Maple Grove
BOATMANJames T.18411924Civil War Vet; h/o LizzieHalf Rock
BOLLINGERMartin V.18461921Civil War Soldier - 36 Iowa Vol. - Co. H.; husband of Sarah E. (PRICE)IOOF
BOLSERTheodore L.24 Jul 183526 Mar 1926Co B 23 Mo Vol Inf (Sergeant) Civil War; husband of Leanah (HANN)Honey Creek Chapel
BONDWilliam 23 Feb 188547y 3m 28d. Co F 43 Mo InfGee's Creek
BOOHERJohn18201900Father - Mexican War & GAR; husband of Cassandra (CLARK)IOOF
BOOHERMichael18331909 Co K 44 Mo Inf. h/o 1st unknown & 2nd Elizabeth Comfort (NICHOLS)Bethel
BOORIFF?  Civil War soldier, IndianaMaple Grove
BOSLEYBenjamin18371905Govt stone: Corp Co C 23 Mo Inf. h/o Louisa A. (STINNETT). possibly born 1838 in OH.Groff
BOSLEYGeorge18431926Co C 23 Mo Inf; husband of ManervaGroff
BOSLEYJames R.18441927h/o Delila BOSLEY. 88 Ind Inf/6 Ind Inf?Gee's Creek
BOSLEYJohn M. Apr 1872Civil War soldier, Kings BattalionOld City
BOSWORTHMillard16 Feb 184505 Mar 1916born Copely, OH. h/o Alice (CLARK). Co H 104 O.V.I Civil War.South Evans
BOWDROEli  military stone; Co A 20 Ill Inf; there is a second stone with a different spelling of his surname: BOUDREAURichardson
BOYCEWalter P.20 Sep 184901 Oct 1919Son of Jesse & Dorinda BOYCE. h/o 1st Anna (HILL) & 2nd Lucy (MYERS). Civil War MO Vol. Inf.Spickard Masonic
BOYCEWilliam Simpson 03 Feb 1915Civil War soldier, 32nd Missouri, G.A.R. (military stone)Maple Grove
BOYEARWilliam 11 Mar 189362y. Co B 1st M.S. CavGalt East
BOYERGeorge W.12 Feb 182725 Jun 1903GAR Ohio; husband of Isabella BOYERIOOF
BOYERSSamuel03 Dec 181614 Oct 1874A Civil War veteran; first wife-Eliza (SNEIDER) buried in Harrison County, WV; 2nd wife Sarah S. (MERRYMAN) buried in Merryman Cem; 3rd wife Eliza J. (HATCHER)Boyers
BOYLANJ. T.  Civil War soldier, 2nd M.S.M.Old City
BRASSFIELDCharles M. 18 Apr 1833 12 Apr 1874Co B 23 Mo Inf. s/o James & Mary BRASSFIELD. h/o Leah (BROWN) 21 Aug 1856 in Grundy Co., MO.Brassfield
BRASSFIELDJames E. A.18481908Civil War Vet. h/o Maggie E. BRASSFIELD.Galt East
BRASSFIELDJesse Huston 23 Dec 1838 22 Apr 1870Co C 23 Mo Inf. s/o Reuben & Lucinda BRASSFIELD. h/o Hazel (PHIPPS) 25 Dec 1860 in Grundy Co., MO. possibly buried Mill Grove Cem.Brassfield
BRASSFIELDJohn Francis Marion "JFM"05 Oct 184221 Feb 193523rd Mo Inf, Co B Vol. s/o Reuben & Lucinda BRASSFIELD. h/o Elizabeth (JOHNSON)Galt East
BRATTONTheophilus18431926born Warriors Mark, PA. s/o David & Margaret (CARAHER) BRATTON; husband of Sallie Ann (THOMAS) 12 Jun 1870. GAR Co E PA 45th Vet VolsBratton
BRENNENSTUHLGottleib09 Jun 183101 Apr 1907G.A.R. OhioRoselawn
BRIDGESJohn C.  military stone; Co B 23 Mo InfRichardson
BRIGGSEli18 May 184914 Apr 1931born in Chicago, IL; son of Ezekiel BRIGGS; husband of Janet (CLAVE). Civil War soldier, Co. D 51st Illinois & Co. D 26th Infantry (military stone)Maple Grove
BRITTAINJames Grayson10 Dec 18401933born Knox Co., IL. s/o Francis & Effimany BRITTAIN; Co A 23 MO Vol Inf. h/o 1st Mary Elizabeth (BARNES) 17 Feb 1867 & 2nd Marie E.Half Rock
BRITTAINRobert18441911s/o Frances; Civil War Vet; h/o Martha J.Half Rock
BROOKSA. B. Feb 1919Civil War soldier, Co. F 16th Illinois Infantry, USA (military stone)Maple Grove
BROWERGeorge N. 28 Jul 193088y. h/o Mary E. BROWER. veteran of Civil WarGee's Creek
BROWNAsbury22 May 184009 May 1903Civil WarRural Dale
BROWNLewis18421922son of Thomas A. & Susan BROWN; husband of Pluma A.; Civil War soldier, Co. G 6th Indiana, G.A.R. (military stone)Maple Grove
BROWNW. H.18431903Civil War Vet; h/o Sarah E.Half Rock
BROWNHILLC. E. 29 Aug 188348y 3m 13d, Civil War Union Soldier. Drowned at Colliers Ferry; husband of MaryIOOF
BRUMMITTJohn14 May 184726 Apr 1914husband of Mary E. BROWN; Co. D 51st MO InfantryBratton
BUCHANANAmbrose Hall05 Sep 184415 Mar 1931Born Tazewell Co.Va.; Member of Col. William Reg. Confederate Army Civil War; husband of Nancy P. (HALE)Edinburg
BULYARJohn A. 184530 Apr 1925Co B 11th MO Cav. h/o Catherine E.Salem North
BURENFlavious P. 1863son of J. J. & Cosby (PEERY) BUREN. Unmarried, Civil War Vet. Co. D 44 MO Inf.IOOF
BURKEHOLDERAbraham H.1835191788 OH Vol InfMasonic
BURRILLDexter Steven "Richard" 18 Dec 189352y 2m 2d, Mil. stone: US Navy-Civil War. US Maj. G.A.R. (Steven Dexter); also listed as Richard; husband of Cornelia (CONANT)IOOF
BURT Alonzo M.18471935 born Oakland, IL; CW vet; Co. E, Illinois; husband of Launa (MUNN)Bethel
BUSSARDJoshua 16 Jan 1912husband of Jennie; Civil War soldierMaple Grove
BUTLERJ. C. 30 Sep 187638y 5m. Civil WarRural Dale
CALLJohn08 Dec 182501 May 190276y 4m 23d; Civil WarAntioch
CAMPBELLAustin King18441930born in Ray Co., MO; Civil War soldier, Co. B 27th Missouri Infantry (military stone). Husband of Telitha Ann (MULLINS).Maple Grove
CARHARTThomas N. 29 Apr 1904husband of Helen C.; Civil War soldier, Co. I 132nd Pennsylvania Infantry (military stone)Maple Grove
CARNESNathan18471929born Covington, IL; 18th Illinois Inf; Civil War; husband of Edith (McCLURE)Galt West
CARNESRobert P.18441874G.A.R. Sergeant Co. K. 1st M.S.M.IOOF
CARSONAchilles "Chillis" C.  Co C 23 Mo Inf; stone is downMiddlebury
CARTERJohn E.18361920G.A.R. - Co A Grundy Bat Inf. One of the last of State Militia Organized 1861. h/o Mary "Mollie" J. (WETHERED)IOOF
CASHCharles H.27 Oct 184021 Sep 1917Co B 23rd Mo Vol Inf. 1861*GAR*1865. h/o 1st Hartmann (UNKNOWN) & 2nd Martha Eleanora (UNKNOWN).Metcalf
CASHRobert S. 09 Feb 1886age 41y 11m 27d; Civil War soldier, Co. K 1st M.S.M.Old City
CASPERFrederick C.18251911husband of Sarah; Civil War VeteranBrummitt
CASTEELLemuel  (Military stone) Co K 4th Ky Inf Civil War. (unmarked stone south). h/o Sarah (HUMPHREY)Fox
CAYWOODNathan  G.A.R.- Ohio. h/o Delilah (DOTY)IOOF
CHANDLERJoseph1843 Co. K 17 Iowa Inf. Born TN. Husband of Lydia (WINGER)Bethel
CHILDSWilliam Oscar183501 Apr 1920Co. D-14 Iowa, Civil War; h/o Sarah Jane (COLLINS)Edinburg
CHIPPSWilliam T. 189859y-9m-28d; Civil War VetHalf Rock
CHRISMANEdgar Theodore "Fox"02 Dec 192204 Nov 1989born Lindley, MO. s/o Pearl L. & Minnie (BOYERS) CHRISMAN. h/o Bertha (VOLZ) 19 Nov 1960 at Kansas City. USMC WW II.Boyers
CHRISMANJames 01 Mar 188567y 9m 27d; (govt. stone: Co H 6th Mo S.M. CAV.); husband of CatharineStucker
CHRISMANJohn Hamilton07 Mar 184503 Sep 1926military stone; Co B 23 Mo Inf; s/o Michael & Lydia CHRISMAN. h/o DellaRichardson
CHRISMANMichael Lewis  CORP'L Co B 23 Mo Inf (military stone); north of Michael an unmarked native stoneStucker
CHRISMANSamuel  Co B 23 Mo. Inf. (Sherman's march to sea) S.L.C. written at base in tiny shells; husband of Mary AnnBlack Oak
CHRISTIANAugustas 29 Aug 190559y-6m-14d; h/o Ruth E. Vet Civil War.Galt West
CHRISTIANAugustus 20 Aug 1905G.A.R.Roselawn
CLARKAugustine Elisha  born Posey Co, IN. s/o Elisha B. & Sarah CLARK. h/o 1st Lydia A. (CRABTREE) & 2nd Lina Anna (WHEELER). Co. B 27th Mo. Inf. Civil WarLindley
CLARKLuther23 Mar 184106 Jun 1918Co I 188 Ohio Inf Civil War. husband of Almira CLARK.South Evans
CLAVE(unknown)  G.A.R. - Served in Mo.IOOF
CLINEC. D.  Civil War soldier; 19th? IowaOld City
CLODGERS(Dr.)  Civil War doctor; 6th M.S.M.; a.k.a. J. D. CLOWDER?Old City
COLESIsaac, M.D.01 Oct 181927 Sep 1890husband of Elizabeth (Betsy) VEITS; Civil War volunteer surgeon (military stone #29); see "History of Grundy Co., MO" (Birdsall & Dean, 1881, p. 424)Old City
COLLIERCharles L.18341913GAR 33rd MOMasonic
COLLIERLuther18421927Civil War Mo. State Militia. h/o 1st Alexa/Alexandria (MARSHALL) & 2nd Frances (BRAWNER)IOOF
COLLIERRobert A.19 Mar 183829 Jul 1926husband of Ann E. COOPER; Civil War soldier, Lieutenant Co. B 23rd Missouri Infantry (military stone) - handwritten note states that Robert is buried at the Masonic CemeteryMaple Grove
COLLIERRobert A.19 Mar 183829 Jul 1926born Madison Co., KY. Civil War Lieutenant Co. B 23rd MO Inf; s/o William & Susan COLLIER. h/o Ann E. (COOPER). also recorded as buried in Maple Grove Cem.Masonic
COLLINSIsaac Milton184015 Jul 1929Co D 23 Mo Vol Inf & Co K 44 Mo Inf. grandson of Joe ROOKS. h/o Mary Anna (KELLY) 12 Jun 1862. One record says Joe ROOKS & wife were foster parents, not grandparents.Rural Dale
COLLINSWilliam Ellisworth18371920Son of James, Vet Civil War, Co. D 14 In. Inf., husband of Susanna (DOAN).Edinburg
COMBSMichael18331908 Co K 44 Mo Inf. h/o Elizabeth C.Bethel
CONDUITTJohn W. 15 Apr 1909husband of Margaret J. (RANDOLPH). Civil War soldier, Co. H 23rd Missouri Infantry (military stone)Maple Grove
COOKJohn18431918born Limerick, Ireland. s/o Morris & Mary COOK. h/o Prudence (UNKNOWN). Co C 23 Mo Inf; service stoneMiddlebury
COOPERJames (M.D.)Feb 181422 Feb 1895Surgeon in Civil War; husband of Mary A.E.Masonic
COOPERJohn Adams18471903h/o Julia Ellen (BROWN)Galt East
COOPERLewis W. 191166y; Civil War Vet. Co A 23 Mo Inf.Half Rock
COOPERSilas18291902Civil War Vet; h/o ElizabethHalf Rock
CORBINWilliam Henry18451934Born in Coshocton Co., Ohio; vet of Civil War - Co. E 24 MO Vol InfMitchell
COVEYWilliam  Union soldier in Civil War; one leg shot offMiddlebury
COWHICKJohn T.18391920Co F 11th MO CavGalt East
COXBenjamin Combs1840/411913born England. h/o Anna Catherine (COX) 23 Dec 1869 at Dubuque, IA. GAR Ohio.St. Josephs
COXJesse 13 Apr 196066y. funeral marker. s/o John & Caroline (DYE) COX. born Honaker, VAGalt East
CRABBJoseph M.18441937Vet of Civil War - 155 Reg. Co (H?) OhioMartin
CRAIGJohn Isaac22 Dec 183801 Mar 1911Husband of Amanda (WILD); son of Franklin & Melinda (BOORAN); Co. H 23 Mo Vol Inf.Wild
CRAWFORDHenry Clay, Judge18391920GAR Civil War Calvalry; son of William & Elizabeth; husband of Mary Jane (EADES)Masonic
CROCKETTJames Harrison Sr., Corporal14 Feb 183618 Jan 1923Govt stone: Co C 23 Mo Inf;(grandfather of Pina Poffino Kennedy);born in Ralls Co, MO. s/o Eli & Sarah Ann CROCKETT. hus of Elizabeth "Betty" (MEARS).Boswell
CROOKSHenry C.18381920Civil War Co B M.S.M.B. 13. h/o Mary A. (SHANKLIN)Galt East
CROWDERJohn H.18311897G.A.R. Co. M 21st Mo.IOOF
CULLISONCurtis18441916vet of Civil War - 17 Ohio Reg; husband of Emma (WOLF)Grundy Center
DARNABYVirgil 26 Oct 1887age 36y; Civil War soldier, 33rd Missouri, G.A.R.Old City
DAUGHERTYHezekiah18391920Vet Civil War, Co I 62 Ohio Inf; husband of Sarah; son of John & MargaretStucker
DAVIDSONEdmond  Co. F 43rd Mo. InfCat Creek
DAVIDSONGeorge W.24 Apr 183818 Jun 1883Cpt Co D 2nd MO Cav. 1st h/o Charity (UNKNOWN) DAVIDSON SYKESWyatt
DAVIDSONGriffith 25 Feb 190262y 3m 10d; husband of Sarah A. Co. E 30th Regt Mo. Vol. MilitiaCat Creek
DAVIDSONJames  Civil War soldier, Co. D 2nd Missouri Cavalry (military stone)Maple Grove
DAVIDSONJames S. 28 Dec 186332y 11m 9d; Co H 23rd Mo Vol.; s/o Jeremiah & Samantha DAVIDSON.Cat Creek
DAVIDSONJeremiah 30 Jan 189179y 6m 25d. h/o Samantha DAVIDSON. Co F 43rd Mo InfCat Creek
DAVIDSONWilliam W. 20 Aug 186219y 5m 11d; Co. H 23rd Mo. Vol.; s/o J. & S.Cat Creek
DAVISCharles 21 Apr 1900Civil War soldier, 62nd U.S., G.A.R. "Colored"Old City
DAVISJames T.11 Feb 184216 Nov 1917military stone; Co B 23 Mo Inf; son of John & Lucinda (TEAGARDEN); born Allen County, OH; husband of Mary A. (McGUIRE)Richardson
DAVISJohn "Sgt Jno."18 Apr 181618 Nov 1903son of John DAVIS of Virginia; born Knox County, OH; military stone - Co B 23 Mo Inf; husband of Lucinda (TEAGARDEN)Richardson
DAVISWilliam H.07 Jul 184515 Feb 1915military stone; Co K 44 Mo Inf; son of John & Lucinda (TEAGARDEN) DAVIS; born Allen County, IN; h/o 1st Emaline (HARBERT) (buried Stucker Cem) & 2nd Ella (LOVING)Richardson
DAWESCharles S.  son of Oren H. DAWES; Civil War soldier, Co. C 38th Ohio Infantry (military stone)Maple Grove
DEANEnoch A.18391932Veteran of Civil War. h/o Margaret "Maggie" Elizabeth (McKEE).Spickard Masonic
DEBOLTRezin A.20 Jan 182829 Oct 1891Born Fairfield Co. OH. Recruited A company, elected Capt. of 23 Mo. Vol. Inf. Civil War. h/o 1st-Maria (McCLEARY) & 2nd Laurestine U. (DINSMOOR)IOOF
DILLONJacob F.02 May 184408 Oct 186722y 1m 16d. (service star) Civil WarRural Dale
DILLONWilliam J. 12 Feb 188034y 1d. Civil War vet. h/o Rebecca DILLON.Rural Dale
DOANENoble T. 15 Jun 1868age 37y 10m 8d; Civil War soldier, 1st Missouri M.S.M. (military stone #38)Old City
DODGEJohn30 Sep 188816 Nov 192067y 10m 14d; Vet. C. G; 35th Mo VolsWild
DOVERAdam F.12 Apr 187817 Dec 1952service stone; Spanish American War; Mo pvt Co F44 Reg U.S. Vol Inf; son of John & Catherine; h/o Oca (GARRETT)Richardson
DRAGOOJohn Alexander184204 Dec 1929born in Brown Co., IL; husband of Narcissa; Civil War soldier (CSA?), Co. D 51st Missouri Vol Infantry (military stone)Maple Grove
DRUMMONDJames D.  Civil War soldier, 2nd New York Heavy ArtilleryOld City
DUNHAMLuther 08 Jun 189550y 8m; G.A.R. Civil WarGroff
DUNKINJack Joell184207 Jun 1925Civil War, husband of Mary ElizabethEdinburg
DUNLAPAlbert18421889Civil War vet. h/o Mary Jane (TANNEHILL)Rural Dale
DUNLAPFreeman12 Apr 183622 Sep 1893(service star) Civil War. h/o Rebecca Mauvina (BUCHANAN).Rural Dale
DYERThomas J. 07 Jan 1905Civil War soldier, Co. A 44th Missouri Infantry (military stone)Old City
EBYHenry 04 Mar 192175y; service stone: Co K 151 Ohio W.G. Inf. h/o 1st Edith (DUFFLER) & 2nd Elizabeth (DUFFLER) (his first two wives were twins) & 3rd Luawy (RANDALL). an early minister of M.B. ChurchMaple Grove
EDWARDSWesley 11 May 189158y 6m 3d; Co B 27th Regt Mo Vol Inf.Wild
EGANMartin 15 Apr 191586 yr. Military stone: Co B 13 Mo Inf. h/o Harriet A. EGANIOOF
ELLIOTTIsaac H.09 Dec 191119 Nov 1961Mo Pfc 16 Inf 1 Inf Div WW IIRural Dale
ELLISJ. D.  service stone; Co B 23rd Mo InfRichardson
ELLISJohn Wesley18461922h/o Mary A. (KIRKENDALL). Co A 44 Mo Inf.Bethel
ELLISWilliam M.  Corpl Co A 44 Mo InfBethel
ELWOODNathan 1905Co A 84 Ind InfMaple Grove
ESTESJames S., Capt.  Civil War soldier, 3rd M.S.M.; son of John ESTES (War of 1812 soldier). h/o Eliza A. ESTESOld City
ETHERTONHoward M.18411920Husband of Elizabeth; Civil War Veteran - Co. H. 5 KansBrummitt
ETHERTONW. C.20 Mar 184824 Jul 1912Co. B, 27 Mo Inf; husband of ElizabethUnion
ETHERTONWilson P. 24 Mar 188764y 10m 2d; private Co. C 25 MO InfSpickard Masonic
EVELANDR. H.18411920Civil War; Co D 83 ILL Inf; husband of MaryGalt West
EWINGMartin V.18391928h/o Emily F. (AUSTIN)(1850-1925); Civil War Vet Co C 23 MO Inf.Spickard Masonic
FANNINGW. P. 191582y 2m 19d. h/o 1st Sarah H. (LYNCH) & 2nd Martha L. SULLIVAN. 23 MO Vol InfMartin
FARLEYJohn M., Rev.182013 Aug 1886born Lee Co., VA. h/o Martha A. FARLEY. Co A 44th Mo Inf Civil WarBethel
FEARSJames R.24 Sep 184302 Jan 1914Co H 23 MO Inf; "We shall meet again" husband of SusannahSpringer Chapel
FISHERWilliam R.23 Jun 183725 Jan 186830y 7m 2d; Civil War Captain 7th OH; "No pain nor grief, nor anxious fear can reach the peaceful sleep here"Masonic
FITZPATRICKJ.24 May 184004 Jan 1911govt stone Co D 44 MO InfSpringer Chapel
FLANAGANJohnJan 1843 Co H 2 Ohio InfMaple Grove
FLANNIGANJohn18381916Civil WarMasonic
FLESHERWilliam Henry16 Jun 183421 Feb 1914son of Henry & Frances (BURGESS); born Muskingum County, OH; husband of Mary Ann (BOYLAN) 03 Jul 1855. Co B 23 MO Inf Civil War.Maple Grove
FLESHMANLewis S.18341909Co G 18 Mo Vol- Civil War. h/o Adah "Addie" L. FLESHMAN.Rural Dale
FLESHMANSamuel P.06 Jun 182702 Mar 1886h/o 1st Esther (BLIZZARD) (who died abt 1852) & 2nd Rachel FLESHMAN 27 Aug 1852 in Grundy Co., MO. Pvt Co B 23 Mo Vol Inf.Galt East
FOLKUSJ. H. 10 Oct 1878Civil War Vet.Masonic
FOUTSJohn H.183810 Oct 187839y 11m 14d; GAR OH Civil WarMasonic
FREEMANJoseph G. 02 Mar 1900Civil War soldier, Co. F 14th Illinois Infantry & 11th Missouri Cavalry, G.A.R. (military stone #13)Old City
FREEMANMartin A.18401918Co, I 103 Reg. Ill. Inf; husband of Mary E.Maple Grove
FRENCHJames Andrus14 May 184606 Feb 1931Civil War Vet Co C 1st MI Cav. h/o 1st Martha R. (LEEPER) MORRIS & 2nd Allie (UPDYKE)Masonic
FRISBEEWilliam S.185110 Aug 187542y 7m 2d; Civil War 1st Sgt. Co A 7 IA G; also IN InfMasonic
FRISBYWilliam P.18401936son of Jonathan; born Charleston, IL; Co F 43 Mo Inf (Civil War); husband of Mary (KINCAID)Maple Grove
FUNKEdgar M. 04 Nov 189562y 10m 17d; Pvt Co B 23 Mo Vol Inf; husband of MargaretNewlan
GARDNERJohn "Jno."  military marker; Co G 6th Iowa InfRichardson
GARNERT. H. B.06 May 184918 Dec 1923Co B 51 Mo. Inf. Civil WarSpickard Masonic
GARNERThomas F.26 Oct 188007 Aug 1908Civil War Co B 51 MO Inf. h/o Clarissa GARNERAntioch
GARNERWilliam  vet of Civil War. grave unmarked.Tolle
GARRETTJames 25 Dec 188361y 10m 2d; Union Soldier, served in MO.Maple Grove
GARRETTLafayette05 Apr 184401 Nov 1901Co B 2 Reg Ind Vol Col.Maple Grove
GARRIOTTJohn M. 190260y-11d; Civil warHalf Rock
GARVINMartin Bridwell17 Feb 181707 Aug 189578y 5m 20d; s/o William?; Born Madison County, KY; mother died when he was very young; his father deserted him and he was raised by maiden aunts; Captain Co. I Mo State Militia Civil War; h/o Jael H.Wynne
GASSColumbus D.1836192086 Ohio Vol Inf; husband of Olive S. (YOUNG)Grundy Center
GATESWilliam P. 06 May 1883born Tazewell County, VA; MO Militia Civil WarWynne
GENTRYWilliam P. 01 Jan 189251y 4m 17d; pri Co C & Co K 5th regt, Kans Vol CavWild
GERMANWilliam17 Mar 184727 Aug 1921military marker; Co K 44 MO Inf. Husband of Sarah E. (HESTER) (died 1921 age 80)Galt West
GIBBSSamuel18421911Union Soldier; served in Ohio; h/o MollieMaple Grove
GIBSONJames Christian04 Dec 184803 Apr 1924Civil War - Co G 28 Ill. s/o Robert & Mary Ann (MILLER) GIBSON. h/o Nancy Ann (GRIMES) 04 Nov 1866Berry
GIBSONMitchell Easterly 23 Jun 190161y 4m 3d. Co H 34th VA Cav & Co A 29 VA Inf Civil War. s/o William & Tabitha Dickerson (GIFFORD) GIBSON. h/o 1st Selina (VENCILL) & 2nd Elizabeth M. (VENCILL) 17 Nov 1870.Galt East
GIBSONRobert A.07 May 183911 Jan 1923Civil War vet; husband of Anna E. (ADAMS), Another source has death 24 Jan 1923.Maple Grove
GIESSLERWilliam18561898GAR - New YorkMaple Grove
GILHAMAllen 23 Mar 187633y 7m 6d. Co. I 13 Mo Vol Cav & Co M 13 Mo Vol Cav. h/o Mary Jane GILHAMIOOF
GILHAMCalvin183705 Apr 1923Born Morristown OH. G.A.R. Co. I. Mo State Mil under Col. King & Capt. Martin Garvin. h/o Melissa D. (MERRILL)IOOF
GILLIANAlvin 05 Apr 1923Civil War VetIOOF
GILMOREGeorge  Co G 33 Ill Inf; husband of Clara Robinson (SMITH)Maple Grove
GILMOREGeorge01 Jun 184504 Mar 1924G.A.R. Co G 33 IL Inf. h/o Isabella (BORIN)IOOF
GINNHarve184815 Jan 1917Co. C 42 Reg Mo Inf. h/o Mary Alphretta "Retta" (LANIUS)IOOF
GOBENM. E. 09 Sep 193387y 7m 25d; h/o Sarah E.; Co A 44 Mo InfJohnson
GODFREYIra J. 06 Mar 1926Husband of Anna. Co C 9th IA Cav Civil WarSpickard Masonic
GORDONW. W.  GAR IowaMasonic
GOWTYJohn A.07 Apr 183303 Aug 1900husband of Frances (HAM); Civil War soldier, Co. A 1st? M.S.M. Cavalry (military stone #50)Old City
GRAHAMJ. H. C.18431923Corp Co B 23 Mo Inf; husband of PhebeMaple Grove
GRANTHoratio W.21 Feb 184223 Feb 1901Military Marker: Co D 26 Ill InfHoney Creek Chapel
GRAYThomas J.  Civil War soldier, Co. B 23rd Missouri Infantry, G.A.R. (military stone #27)Old City
GREENRichard13 Jul 182502 Jun 1889Co I. 86th Ill Vol InfLindley
GRIFFINHorace   Co K 1st Mo S.M. Cav.Union
GRUBBJames D.18431931Civil War veteran; hus of Mahulda A. (DOCKERY)Shelburne
GUMW. T.18431926Co. E 22 ILL Vol. h/o Martha M. (UNKNOWN)North Evans
HACKJohn26 Nov 184229 Mar 1933b.Hessen Germany, Congressional Medal of Honor/Civil War & Hon.Maj. Co. B Oh. Vol. Inf. full mil. honors, caisson drawn by horses to cem.; 1st wife-Delphine F. (COOLEY); 2nd wife Emma (SIGLER) who d. 05 Oct 1948, 90yMaple Grove
HALLChauncey 10 May 191780y GAR Civil War; husband of Frances E.Masonic
HALLGeorge18401924husband of Rachel. Co A 19th & Co B 79th IN Inf Civil WarMaple Grove
HALLL. D.27 Feb 183622 Jul 1913GAR OHMasonic
HAMBLING. T.  Husband of Nancy; GAR 1861-1865Berry
HAMMONDSJohnathan18421926Co C. 23rd MO VOL INF; h/o Margaret J. (STANTURF)Wyatt
HARBERTWilliam J.03 Sep 18381919Civil War, Co B 23rd MO Inf; h/o Martha A. SCOTTHalf Rock
HARDINGBenjamin F.25 Apr 183012 Aug 1907GAR Co B 23rd MOMasonic
HARINGMiles 25 Dec 192784y. Vet Civil War; husband of Lucy Annie HARINGIOOF
HAROLDJ. T.  G.A.R. 6th. IndIOOF
HAROLDJ. T.  6th IN Civil WarIOOF
HAROLDThomas D.18441893Co. A 79 IL Vol. Inf. ; husband of Hannah M. HAROLDIOOF
HARTSHORNJ. M.27 Dec 184014 Apr 1918Husband of Ellen; Co. C. 35 Mo Vol. 62-65Wild
HATCHERWilliam J.  Co. H 18th Mo Inf; husband of MargaretLindley
HATFIELDJames RileyJan 18461932Corp Co H 23 reg Mo Inf Vol Civil War. husband of Frances Meranda (SMITH)Edinburg
HAYESGeorge B.  Vet Civil War, Co C 4 Mo Cav & Co. M 4 Mo. & Co. H. 43 Mo. husband of Rachel (RALSTON)IOOF
HEDGESJames A.  Military stone Co E 7th ILL InfGalt East
HEMLEYJohn G. 19 Apr 188246y 4m 25d; Civil War - Co. D 21 Ohio Vol Inf.; husband of Hannah L. (BAGLEY)IOOF
HILLPhillip 07 Aug 189374y 7m 14d; (service star) Civil War; husband of Mary A.Rural Dale
HINCKLEYJohn B.18391901(service star) Civil War vet; John B.,son of John & Eliz. McCreary, (1 Mar 1882-24 Nov 1959)-his wife-Ethel Blazer (28 May 1887-22 Nov 1975) ??Rural Dale
HIPPLEGeorge 12 Mar 188345y 21d, solider of the 94th Oh. Vol.Maple Grove
HOISINGTONCharles Albert29 Apr 185107 Feb 1929Co D 51 Mo Inf Civil War; husband of Mary ElizaSires
HOLLOWAYDaniel A. 11 Nov 1925vet of Civil War, Co A 115 & Co A 21 IL; his wife-Julia F.-1938Rural Dale
HOLLOWAYJohn W.28 Jul 182513 Dec 1889h/o Mary Ann (MERRYMAN) 16 Apr 1845 in Grundy Co., MO. G.A.R.Joab Holloway
HORTONE. P. 26 Mar 188544y 8m 6d; (Druggist); GAR 3rd Iowa Cav.Masonic
HOSKINSConstantine Dryden18441919Co K 1st Mo Cav Civil War M.S.A.M. 1 Reg; Margaret, dau of C.D. & Mary (1887-1973); husband of Mary M. (DUNLAP)Rural Dale
HOSOMR. W.18391909G.A.R. Ohio; husband of Mary E. HOSOMIOOF
HOWARDGeorge B. 20 Apr 1882husband of Mehala; Civil War soldier, 5th Kansas Cavalry (military stone #34); buried in BOLEN-BERRY lotOld City
HOWLANDWilliam18481912G.A.R - Mo.IOOF
HOWSMANWilliam H. 02 Apr 192173 yr. G.A.R. Co. E 94 Ill. Reg.; h/o Emma HOWSMANIOOF
HUBBELLWilliam W.04 Nov 184427 Oct 1937GAR VETERAN 3rd Cav. M.S.M.Masonic
HUDSONJohn M. 190187y; civil war vet; h/o NancyHalf Rock
HUFFMANAbraham, Sgt.  military stone; Co I 43 Ohio InfRichardson
HUFFMANWilliam18341926Civil War Co L 7th Mo.; husband of LouisaMaple Grove
HUFFSTUTTERJohn04 Feb 182311 Aug 1888Civil War; husband of Margaret (HANEY)Rural Dale
HUGHESWilliam T. 19 Jun 188150y 3d; husband of A. E.; Lieut. Co _ 23 Mo Vol Inf; "Although he sleeps, his memory doth live, and cheering comforts to his mother's will. He followed virtue as his truest guide; lived as a Christian, as the Christ did"Spickard Masonic
HUNTERAlfred/Fred  Military marker: Co C 59 Ind InfNorth Union
HUNTEREdwin R.03 Oct 183003 May 1911husband of Emma (HUTCHINSON). Civil War Ohio.Maple Grove
HURSTH./R.  Union solider Civil War, Mexican WarMaple Grove
ISHMAELR. T.  Military. Co H Grundy Co Mo H. G.Joab Holloway
ISHMAELSolomon 19 Dec 189477y 1m 5d; "Rest soldier, rest. Thy warfare oer. Sleep the sleep that knows no breaking. Dream of battlefields no more, days of danger, nights of waking." Co B 23 Mo Inf. h/o Elizabeth (MARTIN) 07 Mar 1861.Black Oak
JACKSONDavid W.19 Feb 184111 Feb 190818th Mo Inf. Co. G; husband of Cynthia A.; inside a 10 x 20 ft cement wallNorth Union
JACKSONFrancis W. 29 Sep 1890son of William & A. J.; G.A.R. post 374; Dept Mo R.P. CarnesBlack Oak
JACKSONJasper N.18461914G.A.R. Ohio - 13 Mo. Cav. 1st h/o Martha J. JACKSONIOOF
JOHNSONHenry 09 Dec 1914Co H 5th IA Inf ; husb of Abba (LAWTON)Roselawn
JOHNSONHosea F.18411913Civil War vet; husband of Dorothea R.Rural Dale
JOKELMichael "Mich'l" 28 Oct 189454y 8m 17d, mil. stone: 6 Ind. Batt'y; h/o EmmaMaple Grove
JONESDavid Nelson 22 Jun 191672y; Civil War vet; h/o Sarah Jane (KEITH)South Evans
JONESJ. K.01 Mar 182921 Jan 1909PVT Co I 178 Reg Ohio Vol Inf. h/o Matilda JONESGalt East
JONESR. B.  Civil War solider, served in Il.Maple Grove
JUSTUSHenry  Civil War soldier, 2nd M.S.M.Old City
KEITHMartin S. 02 May 1865 19y 25d; "Died In The Service Of His Country."Bethel
KEITHWilliam S. 28 Jan 1864 27y 5m 18d; husband of M.; Co C 23 Mo Vol; "Died in the Service of His Country"Bethel
KELLYJohn  Civil War 2nd MSMMaple Grove
KELLYSamuel J.18311893G.A.R. 6th. M.S.M.IOOF
KELLYWilliam 15 Nov 1888Civil War Vet.Maple Grove
KELSOSamuel 18936th M.S.M. Civil WarIOOF
KESLINGJohn18421931Co I 30th Ohio, son of David & Catherine.North Evans
KIMLINThomas, M.D.18381900GAR US SurgeonMasonic
KINCADECalvinJul 1839Feb 1928Vet of Civil War Co. G 4 div. h/o Telitha (NIDA)North Evans
KIRKRobert D.  Co C 23rd MO INF; h/o Salina E. (CLARK)Wyatt
KIRKSamuel L.15 Oct 184401 Sep 1866son of Thomas R. & Martha; Co B 23 Mo Inf; military stone (is down)Middlebury
KIRKSylvester 23 Dec 1866Husband of Nancy Catherine (NEWTON); Civil War Vet - 23 Mo Vol Inf.Johnson
KIRKThomas R.10 May 183723 Jul 1906husband of Sarilda. (believed to be in Co B 23 Mo Inf Civil War)North Evans
KNIGHTCharles D.12 Oct 183929 Apr 1901Co H 23 Mo Vol Inf & Capt. of Co. A, 56 U.S. Col'd Inf. h/o 1st Hannah & 2nd Alice E.Willis Chapel
LAMMEJacob18411925Vet of Civil War - Co F 92 Ill - M.I. h/o Elmyra (AYGABUND) 1841-1920Maple Grove
LANIUSHenry Clay183807 Sep 1913Co. D. 78 Ohio Vol Inf. h/o Hester Ann (FOUTS)IOOF
LATTAA 06 Jan 188148y 8m 19d GAR IndianaMasonic
LAXFrank B.18431920G.A.R. husband of Clara F. (STUART). Another resource has death 25 Jan 1892.IOOF
LAYSONWilliam W.  Co F 43 Mo InfSpringer Chapel
LEGGBourter29 Jan 183417 Nov 1922G.A.R. Civil War - militia; Son of Beldon & Rachel. h/o Camira/Cemira (WOODS)Martin
LEMLEYDavid  Civil War Service; Co. K; 7th W. Va. Inf.;no datesPeery Chapel
LEMLEYHirom H.14 Oct 183919 Sep 1925Civil War Vet 7th W.Virginia Vol Co.CEdinburg
LESLIEGeorge17 May 181921 Sep 1895his wife-Phoebe CHRISMAN 25 Apr 1841 (born 16 Mar 1822); Co B 23 Mo InfDillon
LIMESWilliam18421924Co G 73 O.V.V.I.-Civil War; h/o Savilla JaneRural Dale
LINKERHenry18451917Civil War (followed Sherman to sea); husband of Catherine (SEYLER)Honey Creek Chapel
LISBEYHenry Clay 06 Apr 190675y 7m 8d; husband of Elizabeth (VANCLEVE); born Shelby Co., KY; Civil War Union Soldier (name usually spelled LISBY)Stepp
LONGL. R. 190260y-3m-23d; Civil War vetHalf Rock
LONGPleasant M.07 Nov 183408 May 1916Vet - Civil War; husband of Mary E.Coon Creek
LORDHenry A.  GAR gov't stone Co F 42 OH Inf; his wife Viette, dau of Dr. Isaac COLE; Viette is probably buried next to Henry (no marker)Masonic
LOVELANDMartin E.18461931Civil War soldier - 51 Mo. Inf. - Born near London WI. Married twice; husband 2nd of Sarah (ROWAN) MURRAYIOOF
LOWENJoshua L.18411908G.A.R. 7th M.S.M.IOOF
LOWERAsbury C.18421913GARMasonic
MADDENFrancis Marion, Judge18 May 184605 Dec 1915Civil War Co B 55 Reg IN Inf. h/o Elizabeth MITCHELL dau of Elmer McCAMMONMasonic
MADDENThomas 08 Dec 1915G.A.R.IOOF
MAGEEJ. Ross18421896Husband of Harriet; Co D 10th Ind Vol InfMaple Grove
MAGEEThomas  Union Soldier - IndianaMaple Grove
MALLETTNelson01 Dec 184022 Feb 1897GAR 19 IowaMasonic
MALONEB. F.  Civil War soldier, 60th IllinoisOld City
MALONEJohn H.  Civil War soldier, Co. K 61st Illinois Infantry (military stone)Old City
MARTINEdmond B.28 Dec 184222 Feb 1907h/o Martha A. (COOKSEY). Mil stone: Co A 23 MO InfMaple Grove
MARTINFredrick16 Nov 184022 Mar 1932Vet of Civil War, Co C 23 Mo K9 VS Vol. Inf. h/o Elvina.Spickard Masonic
MARTINH.  G.A.R. - Ill.Maple Grove
MARTINWilliam  Civil War - Co A. 44 MOMartin
MASONElijah L.20 Apr 18371916born in Portage Co. OH; 42nd O.V.I. under Garfield; husband of Emeroy E. (HOODLEY)Masonic
MASONPaley C.18421907GAR 42nd Ohio. h/o Marietta J. (RYDER)Masonic
MATHEWSJames18 Jan 183215 Feb 1922Co I 31st Ill Inf; husband of Eliza JaneLindley
MATHEWSJames B.  Civil War soldier, Co. B 32nd Illinois infantryOld City
MAUPINNicholas06 Apr 180618 Sep 1877born in Albemarl Co. VA; GAR Pvt. Co B 12 MO Regt U.S. Vol Cav (gov't stone)Masonic
McCALLCarr C.18461933Co A 29th Ohio Inf. Marched w/Sherman to the sea. h/o Margaret Ann (HUME)Galt East
McCAMMONJames "Jno." 28 Mar 1862Co. B 23rd Mo. Inf.; In military records, McCAMMON was listed as James, husband of Judah Ann. Her pension record shows that he died while in service at camp at St. Louis, March 28, 1862. Judah Ann, his wife, born 1835. No children. Married February 5, 1861.McCammon
McCLOUDJohn18431931Mar 1861- 1865 Co C MO Inf. h/o Harriet J. (ORNDORFF)Galt East
McCOLLAMWilliam H.25 Apr 184521 Nov 1915G.A.R. - 3rd Ohio. h/o Laura L. McCOLLAMMaple Grove
McFARLANDGabriel G.04 Apr 184608 May 1924Husband of Sarah E.; Co K l Cav M.S.M. Vol.Maple Grove
McGRATHWilliam Henry26 Jul 183806 Mar 1911GAR MO; husband of Lucy Jane (WISDOM)Masonic
McGREGORAlexanda/Alexander 01 Oct 188151y 10m 16d; born in Perth Scotland; Sgt. Co F 13th WI VolMasonic
McGREWJohn S. 05 Sep 1908Husband of Anna (McCOY); union soldier in OhioMaple Grove
McHARGUEElizabeth17 Dec 184322 Jun 1923Civil War, made uniforms for the Union Soldiers; wife of James Monroe McHARGUEMasonic
McHARGUEJohn Henry Clay18431925h/o 1st Mahala (CRAWFORD), died 1870 & 2nd Phoebe M. (ROCK), 06 Jan 1933, 89y, dau of Joshua ROCK, born in Howard Co.; son of John & Mary Ann; Civil War Vet, Co. B 23 MO Vol. Inf.Maple Grove
McKEENGeorge N.30 Nov 184614 Sep 1913Co D ? Mo Vol Inf. h/o Josephine E. (THOMAS)Roselawn
McKINNONJosiah18371920Co. L M.S.M. Vol. Cav. s/o Catherine G. McKINNON. h/o Nancy.Bethel
McLALLENWilliam H.18451938born Clark Co., IN; Co B 24 Mo Vol - Civil War; husband of Mary J. McLALLEN. another stone has surname McCLELLAND.Richardson
McLAUGHLINCharles Francis27 Mar 184718 Dec 1922son of Robert W. & Lucinda (SHAW) McLAUGHLIN. husband of Luvina Jane (COLDIRON). Pvt Co. C 23 MO Regt Civil WarSpickard Masonic
McLAUGHLINJohn, Dr.26 Aug 182209 Aug 1909Son of Thomas & Susan (MAPLE) McLAUGHLIN. Husband of 1st Melissa (YOUNG) 13 Apr 1844 (she died 25 May 1851, probably in Indiana) & 2nd Nancy A. (SULLIVAN) 13 Aug 1852. Lt, MO militia Civil WarGroff
McLEANB. F.  Civil War soldier, G.A.R.Old City
McNAIRLee Bruce 18401934Confederate Civil War Vet; born in TNSalem North
McREYNOLDSJohn  Civil War soldier, 2nd New York ArtilleryOld City
MEEKJames H.03 Oct 182903 Mar 1913son of John B. & Jane (FLEMMING); vet Civil War Militia; husband of ElizabethWillis Chapel
MEEKERBenjamin Franklin18461931Co G 129 Reg Ind. Inf.Spickard Masonic
MERRYMANJohn H.21 Oct 184104 Apr 1922born in KY; Civil War; Co K 44 Mo; 30 Mo Vol Inf; husband of Serena E.Richardson
METCALFAmos C. 30 Dec 1920age 73y. son of William METCALF. Capt in Union Army. husband of Mary R. (TATE)Metcalf
MILLERAlbert C.16 Jan 184218 Oct 1924Civil War Veteran. h/o Mary Jane (SIMONS)George Peery
MILLERIsaac18281916husband of Lovina (POLAND); a member of Illinois "100 Day Service" -Civil War; a native stone southStepp
MITCHELLOrin S.10 Dec 181829 Dec 1899Husband of Ruth A. (SHEETZ) Union soldier - Lieutenant Ohio. Another source has death 19 Dec 1902.Maple Grove
MITCHELLThomas L.13 Apr 184109 Mar 1929Civil war vet; 41 ILL Inf; born Moultrie Co, ILGalt West
MITTSHarry J. "Harve"18431931Mil stone: Co. C 50 Ill Inf. Born Adam IL.; husband of Matilda A. MITTSIOOF
MITTSWilliam J.18401923PVT. 50 Ill. Vol. Inf.; marched with Sherman to the sea; s/o Jefferson & Nancy (CARNS). h/o Lydia Amanda (VICKERS)Tolle
MOBERLYOrville18 Feb 183711 Jan 1875husband of M. L.; Civil War soldier, Co. B 23rd Missouri Infantry; born in Monroe Co., MO; stone down & brokenOld City
MOCKWilliam R.18451923Civil War vet; Co H 6th MSN & Co B 13 MO CavGalt West
MONTGOMERYHenry C.18431927Co D & Color Sargt. 8th Regt Iowa InfSpickard Masonic
MONTGOMERYThomas, Rev.182823 Dec 188759y 2m 28d; GAR MO; "Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord"Masonic
MOOREJohn14 Sep 182229 Nov 1916Born Howard Co. Mo. h/o 1st Emmeline WASSON (died 1861) & 2nd Mary Jane (FLOWERS). Grundy County History, pg. 513, veteran of Indian War, Mexican War, Civil War.Johnson
MOOREJohn M.18481879Co A 44th Mo InfSpeer
MOOREJoshia Baxter183908 Jul 1923Confederate soldier (family burned his papers); husband of Mary ElizaEdinburg
MOORELevi18441930Vet - Civil War - 23 Mo Vol InfFox
MOOREThomas 05 Jun 1898Civil War veteran; served in cavalry; husband of Nancy (COVINGTON)Richardson
MORGANJames18421935Gov't stone; Co I 21 Mo Inf b. Morgan Co. Ind; later a rail splitter, log cutter; husband of Mary C. (TURRELL)Honey Creek Chapel
MORRISHiram B.18471872 Co B 23 Mo Inf Civil WarOld City
MORRISJ. M.  Govt stone: Co F 27th Mo InfGroff
MOSESJ. H., M.D.07 Oct 183508 Jul 192084y 9m 1d; born in Utica NY; GAR Civil War Co C 2nd MI Cav also Assistant Surgeon US NavyMasonic
MUMFORDJ. B./D.18311913Union Soldier - WisconsinMaple Grove
MUNNJohn H.03 Jul 1824 09 Jan 1871 1st LT. 23rd Reg. Mo Vol Inf. 47y 7m 6d. h/o Susan Mathilda (NICHOLS)Bethel
MUNNOliver K.   Co. C 23rd Mo. Inf. h/o Sally A. MUNN.Bethel
MUNNW. G.  Co. B 5th Kansas Cav.Bethel
MUNSEYBrackett09 Feb 18361919born in Beverly MA; went to sea as sailor at 16y; enlisted in 1st WI Cav.; husband of Hannah E.Masonic
MURPHEYJ. W. 189759y 1m 20d. Civil War vet. h/o Emily MURPHEY.Rural Dale
MURPHYDavid14 May 183221 Dec 1897Union Soldier - Co. H Iowa Vol.Maple Grove
MURRAYJesse Howardabt 1820188565y; Civil War vet, 1st grave in cemetery. h/o 1st Elizabeth (RIGGS) and 2nd Sarah (UNKNOWN)Half Rock
MURRAYWilliam A.07 Jun 184006 Aug 1920Husband of Mary V. (ROBERTSON); Union soldier, Capt. S. B. SCOTT's Co. C 97 Ohio Vol InfMaple Grove
MYCAGERBelio  Civil War soldier, Co. A 3rd Iowa Cavalry (military stone)Old City
NEWTONJasper Lafayette18411918Son of Harrison; taught Estes School when 16y; had 15 or 17 children - 3 sets of twins; born Hamilton Co.; built cabin, Stoles Creek (in 1964 was still standing); Co. C. 23 Mo. Civil War; hus of Awilda M. (BUTCHER)Johnson
NICHOLSB. C.18441932Co A 44 MO - Civil War GAR. h/o 1st Mary E. (MOBERLY) & 2nd Laura A. (YAKEY)IOOF
NICHOLSEli18321906Co 162 Ohio Vol Inf G.A.R. h/o 1st Mary M. (McCREARY) & 2nd Helen L. (UNKNOWN)Rural Dale
NICHOLSJames T.15 Nov 182803 Oct 1910Co C 23 Mo. Inf.Spickard Masonic
NICHOLSJohn C.09 Jan 184019 Jul 1920Civil War Co. C. 23 Mo Inf; husband of Elizabeth A.North Evans
NICHOLSJoseph 08 Feb 187967y 6m 8d; 1st Mtd. Cav Civil War; h/o Eliza J. Died 1879 or 1880.Willis Chapel
NICHOLSJoseph Lea18451937born in Chester Co. Pa; GAR Civil War Co F 142 PA Vol ; K of PMasonic
NORDYKEFranklin Benjamin18441926Civil War. Co R 44 MO. husband of Mary E. (SMITH)IOOF
NORTONRichard C., L.L.D.16 Jul 184018 May 1908GAR 42nd OH; h/o Mariah Lucretia (MASON)Masonic
NUCKLESNewton J.  Co L, 7th MO S.M. CavSouth Evans
OATMANGeorge W.18371913Co D 13 Reg Mo Vol; husband of Sarah Elizabeth (UNKNOWN)Groff
OGLEJasper18481930Civil War - Co H. 4th MOMaple Grove
OLDFATHERAaron11 Jun 184401 Apr 1900G.A.R. Another source has death Apr 1919IOOF
ORDWAYJames T. 16 Nov 1916h/o Grace (MOODER). Co A 187 Ohio InfMaple Grove
ORENSilas31 Jan 18451926Civil War VetBlack Oak
OSBORNTillman  Military marker Co C 18th MO InfGalt East
OVERMANIsaac18441921GAR Civil War; 1st LtGalt West
PACKERHenry W.183913 Feb 1913GAR OHMasonic
PARKERJ. F.  (no dates); Co. B 23rd MO InfantryBratton
PARTCHA. J.  (Mil Stone: Co E 21 IA Inf) - union soldierMaple Grove
PARWELLThomas  Union Soldier 16 ILL.Maple Grove
PATTENOrville Henry18451920Co B 21st MO Inf; husband of Ellen (RUDDELL).Galt West
PATTERSONDavid18401912G.A.R. OhioIOOF
PATTERSONJohn P.18401888h/o Mary (DOUGLAS). Civil War veteranRural Dale
PATTONO. H. 20 Oct 1920G.A.R.IOOF
PAYNEDavid Sr.02 Apr 183503 Feb 192287y; son of Nathan & Nancy (GENTRY) PAYNE; husband of Melissa F. (SIRES). Co I MSM Civil WarSires
PAYNELeonard 30 Mar 1914Co H 45 GA Inf. CSAEdinburg
PEERYStephen D.185716 May 1929son of William N.; vet Civil War Co B 23 Mo Inf. husband of Sarah A. (EMBRY)Edinburg
PENNELLAbram20 Apr 184109 Apr 1927(service star) Civil War - Ohio Vol. s/o. Edward PENNELL.Rural Dale
PENNOCKThomas  (Ser. Stone: Co D 1st Mo S.M. Cav), union soldierMaple Grove
PETERIEJames A. 01 Mar 189252y 11m 7d; husband of Hellen (SCOTT). vet civil war.Richardson
PEWDavid C. 07 Jul 1902Union Soldier - 11 Ohio Cav.Maple Grove
PICKENSNathan 27 Dec 189352y 10m 26d. Co D 2 Mo Vol Cav. "God watches over all His children in sleeping or awakeJoab Holloway
POLLOCKGeorge W.18471928born VanWert Co., OH. Co A 187th Oh VOL Inf Civil War. h/o Eliza J. (DOWNING)Galt East
PONTIUSB. F. 03 Jul 1863Son of Sarah; died on battlefield of Gettysburg, Pa.Martin
PONTIUSDaniel 17 Sep 1910Husband of Matilda (DREESE); Co H 164 Ohio Inf. ser. stoneMaple Grove
PONTIUSJacob19 May 184526 Dec 1931#1 wife - Sarah Jane YOUNG; #2 wife - Maggie LOWRY, died 25 Mar 1925; Civil War, Pvt 74 Reg IND Vol Inf (further details see REPUB WKLY - 31 Dec 1931)Martin
POUSHVan Victor 1893ser stone: Co K 18th Ia InfMaple Grove
PURNELLWilliam T.  Mil stone: Co G 73 Ill InfMaple Grove
QUIGLEYFranklin R.01 May 183426 Oct 1895Govt stone: Co E 48th MO Inf; sergeant; husband of Frances H.Springer Chapel
RAYSidney C.  Co A 10 Ill Inf; husband of Eliza J. (COLLINS)Richardson
RECTORCharles Millard182021 Jan 1895Co. K, 1st Mo. S.M. Cav; born Grainger, TN; h/o 1st on 11 Aug 1841 in Hamilton, IN of Hester Ann (SMITH) (b 1823 NC, d 10 Feb 1862, buried in a field on a big hill along Muddy Creek about two miles from cemetery, because it was too muddy to get to cemetery); husband 2nd of Nancy Chanclor (KEITH)Union
REIDJohn C.18391922Civil War vetHalf Rock
REYNOLDSAbsalom  (ser stone: Co B 23 Mo Inf)Maple Grove
RICEDaniel 17 Feb 188172y 9m 10d. Vet War 1812, Mexican & Civil War 7th M.S.M. h/o SusannaMasonic
RICER. B.18431925Civil War Co A 44 MO Inf; husband of Mary A.Masonic
RICEStrather09 Apr 184808 Aug 1862son of Daniel; GAR 3rd M.S.M.Masonic
ROBERTSGeorge Irvin12 Feb 183103 May 1884s/o James Alexander & Minerva Grace (HITE) ROBERTS. h/o Mary Frances "Fannie" (KING) 01 Dec 1853. Sgt Co C 23 MO Vol Inf Civil War.Bethel
ROBERTSONJoseph M.1837Mar 19072nd Lieut & Capt. Co. B 26 Ind. Vol. Inf.IOOF
ROBERTSONWilliam N.18391909born Breckenridge Co., KY. h/o Minerva Francis (McCAMMON). Co F 35 MO Inf.Coon Creek
RODABUSHM.  Union Soldier - 19th IowaMaple Grove
ROGERSJoel24 Aug 180808 Mar 189485y 5m 12d; GAR Co H Mercer Co. Bn; husband of SarahMasonic
ROGERSWilliam B.18351924Col. in Mercer Co. Militia; Capt, in Civil War Co D 44 Reg MO Vol; son of Joel & Sarah; husband of Cynthia A. (BUREN)Masonic
ROOKSF. M.31 Aug 184109 Apr 1914G.A.R. post 374; Dept Mo R.P. CARNES; husband of Elizabeth J.Black Oak
ROOKSSamuel E.18411903G.A.R. Also military marker: Lieut. Co B 23 Mo InfJoab Holloway
ROOTJ. W.05 Oct 184005 Jan 1924Sgt Co C 18 OH Vol Inf. h/o Ann Eliza (MOORE)Galt West
ROSENBAUMStephen03 Mar 183314 Feb 1916Civil War (confederate), Gen. Early's Division. h/o Margaret A. (FRY)Antioch
ROSSJ. F.18471926GAR star; Co. K 44 MO (or MS) Vol. Inf; husband of Helena J. (PATTON)Honey Creek Chapel
ROSSL. H.18451915Civil War vet; h/o E. J.Half Rock
ROWLANDJesse 25 Dec 1879Co G 13 Mo CavWillis Chapel
RUDDELAbraham24 Feb 182313 Dec 190481y 9m 19d; husband of Christiana (BRANDENBURG) 20 Feb 1850. (service cross); born Harrison Co. KYAntioch
RUEFLYGodfrey J.18381920Native of Switzerland; h/o Josephine (DENSON) ( d. 1916?); veteran of Civil War, 13 Ohio VolMaple Grove
RUNNELLSA.  Union Soldier - Co. B 23 Mo.Maple Grove
RUSHHorace04 Apr 184623 Mar 1922Co E, 136 ILL Inf; husband of Dolly Jane (ANDERSON)South Evans
RUSKJoseph N.07 Mar 184406 Mar 1919husband of Amanda C.. Co K 44th Mo Inf Civil WarGalt West
RYNEARSONThomas Jefferson18381925G.A.R. Co.D 69 Ohio Vol. Inf. h/o 1st Mary A. & 2nd MatildaIOOF
SANDERSJohn W.17 Jul 183028 Apr 189368y. Civil War vet. h/o 1st Ritta Ann (SELSOR) & 2nd - 2nd h/o Amanda J. (CARTMILL) CHIPS.Half Rock
SANDLINJohn N. 09 Mar 189355y 8m 13d; husband of Mary; Co C 5 Kans Cav VolBrummitt
SAWYERHenry H.18401936(Mil Stone) Civil War, Co. C 18 Mo. Inf - Born Darke Co. OH; husband of Macedonia "Dona" (COCHRAN)IOOF
SAWYERHugh W.18501920Co G. 47th IN. civil warMaple Grove
SCHMITTJohn  Civil War soldier, G.A.R.Old City
SCHOOLERMilton E.12 May 184407 Jul 1882s/o John & Elizabeth (RANDALL) SCHOOLER. h/o 1st Clora Ann (KING) 14 Feb 1867 & 2nd Ursulla O. (KIRKENDOLL). Co A 44th MO INF.Wyatt
SCHOONOVERNathan 20 Jul 1926Husband of Mary; Service Stone #30- 1861-65, Private - Civil War - Iowa Co C 48th IA Inf.Maple Grove
SCOTTCharles W.02 Aug 183315 Dec 1917 s/o John & Charlotte SCOTT-pioneers w/ Dr. Thompson; h/o Sallie. MSM Civil War.Salem North
SCOTTEdward D.V.  Co. H 23 Mo Inf; Unmarked grave southMitchell
SCOTTJoseph05 Aug 183513 Jun 1929Born Greenfield, IN. A soldier of Civil War, Mo. State Mil. ; a Quaker, son of William & Rebecca (SEVORN) SCOTT. husband of Mary E. A. (SELBY)IOOF
SCOTTVolney B.16 Sep 183419 Jun 1909"REST SOLDIER REST"Mitchell
SCOTTWilliam B.18351901Civil War vet. h/o 1st Rebecca & 2nd EmmaRural Dale
SCRANTONWilliam Clark 15 Aug 188342y 8m; a Union soldier - served in Wisconsin. "We part to meet again in a better home above where sickness cannot enter & naught but friends & love"Maple Grove
SELSORFrancis Marion29 Dec 183521 Apr 189155y-3m. Civil War vet. s/o Andrew J. & Nancy (WADE) SELSOR. h/o Helen M. (HAMPSHIRE)Half Rock
SHANKLINJohn H.02 Nov 182414 Jun 1904Col. Mo. Mil.IOOF
SHANKLINN.18421923son of A.Y. & Rachel (SHARP); Civil War MO State Mil; husband of Anna F. (AUSTIN)Masonic
SHEARROWWilliam R.  military: Co G 14 Ind. Inf. Civil WarBlack Oak
SHEETZGeorge 17 Aug 1882Union Soldier served in OhioMaple Grove
SHELTONFrancis B.18441917son of Henry H. & Mary SHELTON. born KY, Co. C 138 Illiniois Vol.; husband of Mary J. (SEALS)Honey Creek Chapel
SHELTONHenry H. 23 Oct 188871y 3d; husband of Jane. (believed to be in Co B 23 Mo Inf Civil War)Honey Creek Chapel
SHEPHERDUlric Z.03 Nov 185022 May 1930GAR Co G 43rd Mo. Inf. Civil WarMitchell
SHERROWWilliam Byron25 Jan 183329 Nov 1924Civil War VetBlack Oak
SHINEYJohn "Jno"  Military marker: Co B 23 Mo InfJoab Holloway
SHIPLEYGeorge Washington11 Jan 184529 Mar 1928Civil War-Co. C Mo. Cav.; husband of MarrillaLindley
SHORESLewis F.15 Dec 183624 Nov 1920Co. K 3rd Mo Cav; husband of Mary E.Willis Chapel
SHUTTLEThomas  GAR U.S. RegularMasonic
SIFERSTheodore W.18481910G.A.R.IOOF
SIPHERSTheodore 13 Sep 1910Civil War Vet.IOOF
SIRESColumbus 25 Sep 1839 14 Jun 1924 GAR State Militia. h/o Mary J. (DRINKARD)Salem North
SKAGGSSolomon18391924Co B 23 Mo Inf. h/o Marie E. (BAKER)Rural Dale
SKINNERWilliam07 Dec 184023 Mar 1916born in Indiana; Civil War Vet; IOOF emblem; husband of Elma (WILLIAMS)Richardson
SLINGERLevi  Co F 43 Mo InfMitchell
SLOAN/SLONECKERR. M. 30 May1902A union soldier - served in MO.Maple Grove
SMITHGilbert D.15 Jan 193316 Mar 1913G.A.R. OhioMaple Grove
SMITHJames  Civil War soldier, 7th M.S.M.Old City
SMITHWesley A.26 Aug 184613 Sep 1871Co II Ohio Vol Heavy Art - Union Soldier. Another source has 2nd Ohio Light Arty.Maple Grove
SMITHWilliam Whitney 16 Feb 1879Civil War soldier. [also recorded as buried in Masonic Cem]Old City
SNEDEGAREnoch  Union Soldier, honorable discharge & died soon after war. 1st h/o Alice (BROWN) SNEDEGAR BABB DUFF.Stepp
SNYDERWilliam14 May 183618 Sep 1900husband of Isophelia? (HOUSE). Co. G 18th Missouri Infantry, USA (gov't marker); "Death is but a path that must be trod if ever a man should pass to God"Dockery
SPARKSGeorge W.  Mil Stone Co. C.163 Ohio Inf.; h/o Orpha Amelia SPARKSIOOF
SPENCERWilliam R.02 Nov 183603 Jan 1914Husband of Jane; Battle of Wilderness, Civil War Vet - 4 Mich Cav; born Macomb Co., Mich; son of Sam B., born 02 Jun 1806; his mother died Aug 1855, age 48yMaple Grove
SPICKARDGeorge A. 30 May 189975y 9m 1d; G.A.R. Civil WarGroff
SPROUTJohn13 Jun 183211 Aug 1921born IN. Co C 18th MO Vol Inf; husband of Orilla (BURKETT) 12 Feb 1858 in Marshall Co, IN.Galt West
STANTURFJonathan H.31 Dec 184307 Aug 1918Co C 23rd MO VOL INFWyatt
STEPHENSJames 19 Feb 186735y; Govt stone Co D 51 MO InfSpringer Chapel
STEPPP. C.18451932Sgt. 12 Cav Mo VolIOOF
STEVENSJohn S., Judge18421928Co A 67 Ohio G.A.R.IOOF
STEVENSONJohn W.18451920Civil War vet; husband of Sarah E.Galt West
STEWARDSolomon, M.D.11 Nov 182329 Dec 1918Civil War Assistant US Army SurgeonMasonic
STEWARTHenry15 Feb 183728 May 1895Civil War soldier, Co. B 28th Illinois Volunteer Infantry (military stone #29)Old City
STEWARTJohn H.24 Sep 182803 Feb 1862Mo 1st sgt Co F Mercer Co. Bn Civil WarBrummitt
STILLRobert16 Dec 183309 Jun 1882Co. G 85th Reg. Ill. Vol.Cat Creek
STRINGERD. K., M.D.26 Nov 184911 Nov 1913Co B 13 Mo Cav VolMaple Grove
STUCKERH.  G.A.R. - MOMaple Grove
SUTTONM. B.   Co. G, 23rd Mo. Inf . h/o Mary J.Bethel
SWANKIsaac 191368y. Civil War vet. 2nd h/o Eveline Addison (LEAF) ADDISON.Rural Dale
SWAZEWilliam C.19 Jun 184127 Jan 1907GAR 11th MO Cav; husband of Amanda H. (MURPHY)Masonic
SWEENEYDavid22 Jun 184610 Feb 1932Husband of Clara (STEVENSON); Co M 6th N.Y. Heavy Arty, G.A.R.Maple Grove
SWEETLANDHillman P.184224 Nov 1917Co K 66th Reg Ohio Inf; h/o 1st Rebecca (McPHERSON), died 17 Mar 1886 & 2nd Emma Alice (LUCAS) FIGGINSMaple Grove
SWOPESGeorge W. 189769y-5m-25d; Civil War & Mexican War vet; s/o James & Ruth; h/o SarahHalf Rock
TALBERTJames 1865?Civil War soldier, Co. B 23rd MissouriOld City
TALLEYFrancis M.18451934(govt stone: Co C 18 Mo Inf-marched with Sherman to the sea). born Scottsville, Sullivan Co, MO. h/o Sarah E. (HOLLOWAY)Rural Dale
TATEAlexander R.22 Aug 183030 Jan 1912Capt Co F 3rd Reg Mo Vol.Metcalf
TAVENNERJ. W.13 Oct 184209 Sep 1917h/o Mattie (HOSSOM), 18 Sep 1918, 77y; Civil War Vet - 18 Ohio Inf.Maple Grove
TAYLORThomas J.18391892Civil War; Rep to Missouri Assembly 3 termsSpickard Masonic
TERRYDavid 188944y-6m-28d; Civil War vetHalf Rock
THARPJames K.26 Sep 184425 Nov 1925Co G 23 Mo Inf (Civil War). h/o Susan A.Spickard Masonic
THARPJohn P.10 May 184701 Sep 192174y 3m 2d. Civil war Union Soldier. h/o 1st Martha J. (LEWIS) & 2nd Amanda (BENNER).North Evans
THARPJohn R. 08 Sep 1921Vet. of Civil War, Co. C 23 MO Vol. Inf.Spickard Masonic
THOGMARTINJ. K.  Lt Co I 4 Mo Prov E.Union
THOGMARTINRobert11 Jan 1842 Husband of Sarah (GENTRY); vet of Civil WarWild
THOMASBenjamin F.  Military marker Co H 18th MO InfGalt East
THOMASJohn A.27 Nov 184513 Jan 1915son of William F. & Rachel (WOODS); Sgt. Co E 66 OH Inf. born Breakwok, Wales. h/o 1st Margaret L. (KINCAID) 09 Apr 1874 & 2nd Josephine (FOGLESONG)Masonic
THOMASPreston  G.A.R. 7th M.S.M.IOOF
THOMPSONDavid20 Jun 184806 Nov 1935Civil War. Co K 69 E.M.S. Inf; h/o SarahGrundy Center
THOMPSONDennis18441930son of Joseph; Civil War-2 Mo State Mil - Co C 3 Iowa Cav. h/o Margaret (HUME_Grundy Center
THOMPSONE. E.09 Aug 184228 Feb 1897Husband of E. S.; Co F 149 Reg. Ill. Vol.Berry
THORNBURGIsaac T.10 Aug 184203 Feb 1920Co B 118 Ind Inf; husband of DociaRichardson
TILLWELLWilliam 13 Dec 189858y 1m 4dGalt East
TINDALLJacob T.182506 Apr 1862Sgt-Maj Mexican War; acting Adj Col MO Vol Co L 23 Reg,Civil War; died leading his men at Shiloh; husband of Emeline W. (MERRILL) (who later married Robert N. FETHERSTONE and is buried next to him)Masonic
TOLLECharles Wesley25 Jun 184107 Aug 1912Co A 10 Reg Mo Vol Inf. s/o George H. & Mary (EADES) TOLLE. h/o Mary Elizabeth (SEBASTIAN)Tolle
TOLLEDaniel 22 Sep 193587y 10m 2d; Co. R. 44 Mo. Vol; born Howard County, IN; husband of Lucy J.; later husband of Martha ROCKSLindley
TORPEYThomas12 Aug 183510 Sep 1903born in Tipperary, Ireland; Co B 23 MO Vol Inf; husband of Sarah E. "Sally" (CROUCH)Masonic
TORREYThomas 18 Sep 190323rd MO Civil WarMasonic
TRACYNathan03 Aug 184418 Aug 1919Vet - Civil WarMartin
TRIGGSWilliam  Military marker Co A 9th ILL CavGalt East
TUCKERJames W.18381885Civil WarRural Dale
TUCKERStephen S.18331882(service star) Civil WarRural Dale
TUNNELLJohn09 Oct 182722 Jun 1907s/o J. & E. TUNNELL. Co I 44th MO Vol Inf. h/o Sarah J. (KING).Galt East
TUNNELLMilton18251885(Mil stone: Co D 44 Mo inf), Union soldierMaple Grove
(Unknown)   An unknown Civil War Vet (Gov't stone #65; buried west of Cranstons' gravesMasonic
(Unknown)Alpheus11 Jul 184729 Apr 1914husband of Louisa TATE; Civil War soldierBratton
VANCEDaniel C.18351928(service star) Co D 11 Kans US Vol Cav. h/o Malinda W. VANCERural Dale
VANDERPOOLJames K.31 May 184725 May 1916G.A.R. Civil War; husband of Sarah Jane (McLAUGHLIN)Groff
VANDEVENDERNimrodDec 182719 May 188254y 4m 1d. h/o Susanna VANDEVENDER. Co C 23rd MO Inf Civil WarNorth Evans
VANDYKESherman18731943Mo pvt 32 US Vol Inf; son of William & Eva (COLE) VANDYKE. h/o Kathryn (JOHNSON). Sp. Am. War; Took part in Boxer Rebellion - ChinaMitchell
VANEDavid  Soldier of Civil WarRural Dale
VAWTERWilliam Barnhart16 Aug 191014 Apr 1915Civil War 11 MO CavMasonic
WADDLEGeorge  Civil War soldier, Co. G 1st Ohio Light Artillery (military stone)Old City
WADEH.S.B. 04 Feb 192090y. Co. B King's Batt. M.S.M.Galt West
WAITMANNoah17 Sep 183614 Sep 1919Born Germantown, OH. h/o 1st Charlotte Isadore (REMER) & 2nd Charity Virginia (SHARPE). Co A 28 IA Inf, Union SoldierMaple Grove
WALKERAlonzo 20 Jan 188144th MO Civil WarIOOF
WALKERHarry  GAR 23rd MO InfMasonic
WALKERL. B.27 Apr 184104 Dec 1906GAR 74 M.S.M.; husband of Eliza J. (LOWEN)Masonic
WALLINGFORDGeorge W.183924 Nov 1880stone erected by members of Trenton Lodge #111 AF & AM; "all's well" GAR ILMasonic
WALTNERHenry21 Jan 184325 Jun 191975y 5m 30d. Co I 49th O.V.I. h/o Lavina M. (MILLER).Spickard Masonic
WAMSLEYAlex 19 Jan 1896Service stone: MUSN Co G 12 Ohio CavMaple Grove
WAMSLEYAlexander  Mil marker: Bglr Co G 12 Ohio Cav; his wife S. J.; (also WOMSLEY)Maple Grove
WAMSLEYJames M.27 Mar 184305 Sep 1882Husband of Sarah; Union soldier - 11th OhioMaple Grove
WARDJ. P.18361909G.A.R. Ohio; husband of Eliza J.IOOF
WARDJohn W.20 Sep 1842 (no death date); born Morgan County, IL; Co H 23 Reg Mo, Union Army; husband of Sylvania 20 Sep 1865Willis Chapel
WARNERBenjamin F.23 Aug 184827 Jan 1931Husband of Emily (BLACKMAN); son of Jeremy; Co I 14th Mo CavMaple Grove
WASHBURNIsaac01 Jan 184101 Mar 1928husband of Mary (RUSH). Co ? 111th IL Inf. Civil War.South Evans
WATSONJohn E. 21 Apr 1891age 61y 8m 7d; Civil War soldier, Co. C 9th Indiana VolunteersOld City
WATSONThomas  Civil War soldier, 9th Indiana Old City
WEBBERC. L., Dr. 11 Apr 1883Union soldier or surgeon - 17th IowaMaple Grove
WEBSTERJ. A. 13 Apr 188745y 4m 24d; Surgeon of the 1st NY Light Artillery; husband of M. L.Masonic
WELTYCharles M.12 Feb 184409 May 1904Husband of Mary Jane (INGRAHAM); Co B 161 Ohio InfStucker
WHEELERJames  service stone; Co B 23 Mo Inf; husband of LouisaRichardson
WHITEIsaac M. 15 Mar 1913G.A.R. 6 Ind. Inf., MajorIOOF
WHITEJohn Cameron18351928Civil War vet - Co. I 8 Iowa Inf.Spickard Masonic
WIGGINSJames21 Jan 18481928Son of Benjamin & Mary A. (McCOY) WIGGINS, Civil War 3 CO Cav.; husband of Blondina (MUELLER)IOOF
WILLIAMSJohn R.18421922Civil War Co H 14 Ohio Inf. h/o Mary (KNIGHT)Rural Dale
WILLIAMSJohn Wesley 04 Jun 1900age 54y 11m 2d; husband of Martha Jane (INMAN); Civil War soldier, Co. H 13th Missouri Cavalry (military stone #20)Old City
WILLIAMSS. L.  Co G Ill CavGalt East
WILLIAMST. H.  Co G 23 Mo Inf.Trussell
WILSONBerry05 Sep 182609 Mar 1890Co C 145 Ind Inf; a pile of stones for markerMaple Grove
WILSONH. H., M.D.18461928Civil War Co H 85 Regt III Bugler; Brother of Lionel; husband of Esher (GREEN)Masonic
WILSONW. H. 189955y 5m 15d. G.A.R. 44 Ohio; husband of Mary E. (who died 1900)IOOF
WILSONWilliam A.18411930Co A 44 Mo Inf; 1st wife-Sallie A.; 2nd wife-IsabelleGroff
WILSONWilliam H. 15 Sep 188944th MO Civil WarIOOF
WINTERSNathan A.18311892Mexican War 1848; Civil War Capt Co H 7th MO CavMasonic
WINTERSWilliam H.13 Oct 184010 Jan 1926Husband of Nellie (SIMPSON). Civil War vetMaple Grove
WISDOMWilliam Thomas 19 Jun 1913G.A.R. Co. B 23 Mo. Inf; husband of Fannie E. WISDOMIOOF
WISEAbram18441921Co I 3 MO S.M. Cav; husband of Emma (JONES)South Evans
WITTENWilliam M.18371910A confederate soldierIOOF
WOHLERA.  Union soldier in MOMaple Grove
WOLDRIDGEJohn05 Aug 18431936(HUNTER Mausoleum) s/o William & Sophia (KERSAY). Civil War Vet- last survivor of Capt Tate's Co F 3 MO Mil. h/o 1st Nancy Elizabeth (DOCKERY) & 2nd - 2nd h/o Ida Ethel (CAMPBELL) FRENCH [also recorded buried in Shelburne Cemetery]Masonic
WOLDRIDGEJohn05 Aug 18431936son of William & Sophia (KERSAY); Civil War veteran-last survivor of Capt Tate's Co F 3 MO Mil. h/o 1st Nancy Elizabeth (DOCKERY) & 2nd Ida Campbell (FRENCH) [also recorded buried in Masonic Cemetery]Shelburne
WOLZGeorge30 May 184218 Jun 1924GAR Co I, 3 M.S.N. Cav & Co L, 7 M.S.N. Cav; husband of Martha Ann (EVANS)South Evans
WOODHenry W.18471919Civil War vet; h/o ElnorHalf Rock
WOODSJ. M. "Jack"04 Sep 184307 Aug 1934Civil War Vet. - born in Howard Co.Alpha
WOOLLEYLewis Benjamin  h/o Mary; Co L 7th Ill Cav - union soldierMaple Grove
WRIGHTWilliam E.183522 Aug 1910G.A.R. Ohio; husband of Sally WRIGHTIOOF
WYATTBenjamin F.  Lt Co C 23 MO InfGalt West
WYNNEJohn18401913s/o Miner; Co C MO Confederate Calvary; h/o AnnaWynne
YOUNGRansom V.09 May 184022 Jul 1915h/o Irene (BISHOP). Co A 42 O.V.I. [also recorded buried in Masonic Cem]Maple Grove
YOUNGRansom V.09 May 184022 Jul 1915h/o Irene (BISHOP). Co A 42 O.V.I. [also recorded buried in Maple Grove Cem]Masonic
ZIMMERMANE.  Civil War soldier, OhioOld City

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